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AMREL Systems Inc.’s
- Rocky II Ruggedized Notebook -

Products Sponsored by: Amrel Systems Inc.
11801 Goldring Road, Arcadia, CA 91006
Tel: (800) 882-6735 (626) 303-6688
Fax: (626) 303-8538

Product Description
ROCKY II+ from AMREL Systems Inc. represents a line of ruggedized mobile computing systems designed for field service and in-vehicle applications within such markets as public safety, emergency response, military and utilities. Certified to MIL-STD 810E, the ROCKY II + with it’s water, temperature, shock, vibration and humidity resistance makes it ideal for use in the harshest environments.

ROCKY II+ offers capacitive touch screen options for applications such as in-vehicle computing where keyboard entry may be difficult. The advanced mobile docking solutions for the Rocky II+ includes a "Hot Dock" capability for easy removal and replacement, 2 (db9 serial) COM ports and 2 USB ports for fast, easy, and SIMPLE communication and hardware hook-ups.

For mission critical work where liquids may be inevitable, ROCKY II + features our unique "Fault Tolerant Isolation" a special triple redundant seal design which enables the system to withstand up to 4" of rain per hour from any direction, meeting MIL-STD 810E (Method 506-1). In addition, the ROCKY II+’ s Alpha-Star SRL with its three phase technology process has substantially increased the quality of sunlight readable LCD’s. Added to ROCKY II+’ s array of user friendly field capabilities is it’s optional 4 COM ports which allows for simultaneous interfacing with multiple components such as GPS, wireless modems and touch screen all at the same time.

Key Product Features :

  • High Performance Pentium III Processor with up to 256MB RAM is particularly beneficial when utilizing applications like GPS, AVL and Mapping
  • Alpha-Star SRL option - The surprisingly affordable Alpha-Star™ sunlight-readable display involves an innovative three-phase technology process unique to the ruggedized mobile computing industry.  Through this process, AMREL was able to increase the contrast to 300%, reduce reflective glare by 93% and extend the wide-angle view to 140 degrees.
  • Integrated Wireless Modem – AMREL ‘s system offers not only the option for wireless modems to interface via PCMCIA but also offers an internal solution for a number of the most popular wireless modems on the market today.
  • Touch Screen for easy navigation and user friendly interface
  • Custom Docking Solutions available for different office and vehicle mounting situations.
  • US Military Standard 810E and US MIL-STD 461E Certified; Also IP-54 Certified – most rigorous standards for ruggedness
  • Internal LAN Card options.

Product Schematic

There are several key elements in a Mobile Computing Solution; Look at Public Safety as an example:

Mission-critical Software applications like Computer Aided Dispatch and DMV / NCIC database inquiries from Cerulean VisionTek and Public Safety Technologies (PST); public or private wireless Network services like CDPD from AT&T and VERIZON, BellSouth’s Mobitex, or Motorola’s 800 MHz data channel for their radio systems; Wireless Modems from Sierra Wireless and Novatel Wireless, Host Server self-maintained on customer premises or Hosting Services are now being outsourced to groups like PSIP (Public Safety Integration Partners).The end-user however, in this example the police patrol officer, has to work in a harsh environment that requires a high performance Ruggedized Mobile Computing System .In this application and others like it the ROCKY II + Ruggedized Mobile Computer is the most important and visible component of the Solution.

Software Requirements
Rocky comes with your choice of operating systems; Windows 95/98/NT, Win2000, or Linux – the systems are then ready to run the Client-side of a mobile application.

Vertical Industries Where Rocky II+ is an Ideal Device for the User

  • Public Safety:
    • Law Enforcement – Computer Automated Dispatch, Record Management Systems, State & Federal Database Queries (NLETS, NCIC, DMV), Crime Mapping, AVL, etc….
    • Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Utilities:
    • Field Service applications including inspections, data collection, GPS/GIS mapping,
    • Customer Relationship Management – Signature Capture, Bill presentation, work order review,
    • AMR – Automated Meter Reading
  • Medical:
    • Telemedicine, Imaging, Back-office clinical / Hospital Patient Records
  • Construction and Field Engineering:
    • Computer Integrated Systems Control, Project Planning, Facilities Management
  • Petrochemical:
    • Oilrig data collection, down-hole sensory data acquisition, pipeline inspections, and geophysical testing.

Product Specifications




Pentium III 450 to 600 MHz


64 to 256 MB

Hard Disk

6 to 10 GB


800x600 12" to 1024x768 13.3" TFT Anti-Reflective


Magnesium Casing


10.3 lbs

Accessories & Options

- Alpha-Star Sunlight Readable LCD (optional)
- Ruggedized to MIL –STD 810E & IP54 (standard) Custom
- Vehicle or Office Dock Under (optional)
- CDPD Internal Modem (optional)
- Floppy Disk Drive (standard)
- DVD, CD ROM, Secondary Battery, 120MB LS120 FDD (optional)
- 2 Internal COM Ports (optional)
- Internal LAN Card (optional)
- Sunlight Readable Touch screen (optional)
- Auto Adapter(optional)
- Infrared IRDA (standard)
- Smart Battery Charger (standard)
- Ports: 2Serial, 1 Parallel, CRT, docking, fax/modem(RJ11), LAN(RJ45), audio, KB, PS2, USB (standard)
- Backlit Keyboard (optional)

Major Customers Using the Solution:

  • US Air Force – Hammer Ace Group
  • Public Safety:
    • Delaware State Troopers, City of Pasadena Fire Department, Santa Ana Police Department, Westminster Police Department, Turlock Police Dept.
  • Utilities:
    • El Paso Energy – outage management field dispatching, pole inspection data collection
  • Medical:
    • Miami Metro-Dade County Hospital
    • Pilot Study at Riverside Hospital Residency Program
  • Construction & Field Engineering:
    • Somero Enterprises – automated concrete screed control system
  • Petrochemical – Mala Geophysical –ground penetrating radar data acquisition

Rule of Thumb Costs & Benefits

  • Costs: $5395 - $6900 per unit ask about our great quantity discounts
  • Benefits: Reliability in mission-critical applications, Dependability for sensitive data protection, Open Architecture Design for easy upgrades and "Field Fast Access" to swappable components.

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