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Columbitech's Wireless VPN Solution

Solution Description
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - March 6, 2001 - Columbitech today announced that it will begin marketing a range of wireless VPN products for the US enterprise market. "Columbitech Wireless VPN" will enable mobile users to have wireless connections over wireless IP networks, and will be the first wireless VPN product to maintain true end-to-end security for remote access to mission critical corporate data. Columbitech Wireless VPN is network agnostic and will work for all major wireless devices including Palm OS and Pocket PC devices, and notebook PCs.

Columbitech Wireless VPN is built from the ground up and optimized for wireless applications. It offers end-to-end security on an application-to-application level. The technology is based on Wireless

Transport Layer Security (WTLS), an industry standard security protocol with strong encryption and PKI support. "Columbitech’s approach is able to maintain encryption of the communication past the firewall of a company and all the way into the application, which is essential for true end-to-end

security and non-repudiation," elaborates Pontus Bergdahl, chief executive officer of Columbitech. "This is unlike IPSec-security which is typically terminated at the firewall of a company. The wireless world needs stronger, device-specific security, since wireless devices can more easily be lost or



In addition, Columbitech Wireless VPN offers session and transaction recovery for temporary out-of-coverage situations. This gives a secure always-on experience for the mobile user, in contrast to IPSec solutions that require new authentication at timeouts and lost connections. The product also supports seamless session roaming across wireless IP networks. To ensure easy wireless-enabling of corporate legacy applications, Columbitech Wireless VPN supports industry standard socket application programming interfaces (APIs) on the client and server side.


Columbitech Wireless VPN is currently undergoing trials with potential industry partners, and will be available for beta testing in the second quarter of this year. The product will be generally available in the third quarter. Columbitech will demonstrate its technology at the CTIA Wireless 2001show March 20-22, in Las Vegas. .

Key Services Features

  • End-to-end security

  • Session and transaction security

  • Socket API o client and serverside 

Software Requirements
  • Contact the vendor

Hardware Requirements

  • Contact the vendor.

Major Customers Using the Solution

  • Under trial currently

Rule of Thumb Costs & Benefits

  • Benefits: Significant benefits in using VPNs

  • Costs: Based on wireless service provider

Vendor Services Page URL: www.columbitech.com

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