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MDSI Advantex

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 Solution Description

Advantex® allows organizations to meet customer commitments and provide optimal service delivery, while reducing costs and streamlining operations. Advantex meets your field service needs by optimally assigning and dispatching work to the field, monitoring the progress of work, responding to changing conditions, and measuring workforce performance.

A single, integrated solution for your entire workforce, Advantex manages all of your mobile workers in all geographic regions, whether they are performing service, repair, maintenance, or construction and other long-cycle work. Through an operations-centric view of the mobile workforce and its workload, Advantex enhances business effectiveness by enabling efficiency in both individual operating areas and across the entire enterprise.

Major Features


Advantex has the ability to optimally assign and manage work orders and customer commitments, and route fieldwork.

Advantex provides the ability to manually dispatch and monitor work progress in the field.

Vehicle Tracking
Dispatchers’ ability to monitor the field is enhanced through map-based dispatching and GPS functionality.

Wireless Communications & Field Data Capture  
The wireless capability of Advantex connects the office to the field in real-time. It provides the flexibility for the broadest range of network and device choices in the industry, and allows your field force to continue working even when they are not connected to the wireless network.

Mobile GIS  
Advantex can take advantage of your GIS and provide mobile workers with quick and easy access to facilities maps displaying comprehensive, location-based data.

Maintenance Management  
The maintenance management capability of Advantex provides your planners with a tool set to more effectively manage assets and routine work.

Enterprise Connector  
Essential for integrating your enterprise applications, MDSI’s enterprise connector weaves Advantex into the fabric of your existing business processes and IT infrastructure.

Business Intelligence  
The business intelligence capability of Advantex harnesses the power of your workforce management data to measure real performance.

Business Environment:


Solution Components

The solution consists of the following components:

MDSI provides the following capabilities to help organizations effectively manage their workforces:

Scheduling – Appointment booking to manage customer commitments, automated assignment to allocate work to technicians, and re-assignment to adjust workloads as conditions change.

Staff Scheduling – Management of technician attributes, crews, shifts, and rosters.

  Order Management - Order entry, modification, and cancellation, and work order precedence management for each of the different types of work performed by the organization.

Work Progress – Real-time tracking of technicians, vehicles, orders and work results.

Dispatch Management – Tools to monitor technician and work order status and alerts to notify dispatchers of jeopardy situations.

Wireless Enablement – Real-time wireless communications across private and pubic networks, and wireless awareness (e.g., technician is out of wireless coverage) to deal with the unique problems of operating remotely and communicating across a wireless network.

Technician Workflow – Providing technicians with the information they need to do their jobs when they need it. Enforcing an efficient technician workflow from the start to end of the day. Providing access to work order information, collecting and validating work results, and managing inquiries to enterprise applications.

Business Intelligence – Key performance measures and reports to help managers assess the effectiveness of the workforce in meeting work commitments and to plan for the future.

  Devices Supported

  Wireless Networks Supported (optional)

 Major Customers Using the Solution

Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW)

These are just some of the improvements MLGW has seen since implementing Advantex, the enterprise wide workforce management solution:

  • 99% of service jobs are completed the first time

  • Missed appointments have plummeted from 50% to nearly zero

  • 98% of orders are completed on the day they are scheduled

  • Technicians have gained 30 to 45 minutes of productive time each day, which means one or two more jobs completed per day per technician; and

  • Overall technician productivity has increased by 10%

Costs & Benefits

With Advantex®, MDSI’s customer shave achieved real, measurable productivity improvements including:

  •  99% more commitments met

  • 30-50% reduction in overtime

  • 15-30% reduction in travel time

  • 10-30% more jobs completed

  • 20-30% increase in asset and service availability

  • 20-40% improvement in response times

 Product URL Pages: http://www.mdsi.ca/Products/

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