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Synchrologic Inc.
iMobile Suite

Product Sponsored by:
Synchrologic, Inc.
200 North Point Center East
Suite 650
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Tel: 770.754.5600 Fax: 770.619.5612

Product Description
Synchrologic’s iMobile Suite provides The Total Mobile Enterprise Solution for supporting mobile and wireless professionals by synchronizing data, files, and software between company servers and mobile computing devices – handheld PDAs, smartphones, and laptops – running Palm OS, Windows CE, and Windows.

Heavily leveraging Internet technologies, iMobile Suite provides a secure infrastructure approach to managing mobile devices and sharing vital corporate information with them. iMobile Suite features data synchronization for enterprise applications; automatic distribution, collection, and backup of vital files; and remote software distribution and systems management functionality for tracking and maintaining the mobile devices.

Only iMobile Suite offers one integrated management console, comprehensive mobile computing functionality, and support for all major mobile platforms.

iMobile Suite Shared Technology

  • Supports all Major Devices. Integrated Management. Multiple Connection Modes. Internet-based. Remote Server Administration. Administrative Database. Scaleable Architecture. Alerts and Notifications. Microsoft Management Console Plug-In. Directory Services Integration. NT Domain Authentication. Encryption. Executes Server Processes. Open APIs. Checkpoint Restart. Guaranteed Delivery. Compression. Prioritization. Scheduled Connections. Logging. Year 2000 Compliance.

iMobile Data Synchronization Features :

  • Syncs Heterogeneous Databases
  • Store & Forward Architecture
  • Increased Speed
  • Rich Administrative GUI
  • Change Capture Flexibility
  • Transaction Support
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communications Options
  • Data Distribution Rules
  • Parameterized Rules
  • Field-Level Sync
  • Bi-Directional Sync
  • Performance Tuner
  • Complex Schema Management
  • Non-Intrusive Layer
  • Automated Realignments
  • Optimized for Total Refresh
  • Traps SQL Functions
  • Logs Client-Side Errors
  • Pre- and Post- Processing.
  • Integrates With Basic Data Sync Servers

iMobile Software Distribution Features :

  • Self-Upgrade Support
  • Delivery logging
  • Publish & Subscribe Model
  • Software Package Wizard
  • Tracks Device Histories
  • Software Inventory
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Scripted Installations
  • Scripts Access Inventory
  • Scanner
  • Byte-Level File Differencing
  • Offline Installation
  • Versioning
  • Scripting

iMobile File Distribution Features :

  • Flexible Publish & Subscribe Model
  • Publication Availability Scheduling
  • Remote Device Backup
  • Overwrite vs. Rename
  • Server-side Scanner
  • File Differencing
  • File Translation for Palm
  • Delivery Logging
  • Publication Creation Wizard
  • Subscription Management
  • File Versioning Enforced
  • Data Sync Transport
  • Scripting

RealSync Server Features :

  • Complete Synchronization Options
  • Integrates with Standard Device Sync
  • Multiple Connection Modes
  • Field Level Changes Posted
  • Full Device Refresh
  • Refresh from Repository
  • Supports Standard IP Protocol
  • Detailed Logs
  • Extensive Configurations

Product Schematic or Graphic

Relationship of Product in a Mobile Computing Solution

iMobile Suite offers a secure, reliable, server-based infrastructure for deploying applications, email, files, and data to a broad variety of mobile devices via wireless or wireline networks. This software solution is the most comprehensive mobile and wireless infrastructure available, and is based on standard Internet technologies with powerful and easy-to-use management tools.

System Requirements

iMobile Suite :



PC Client

Palm Client

CE Client


Windows NT 4.0

Windows 2000

Windows 95/98/NT/2000

PalmOS 3.0, Palm Desktop 3.0

Windows CE 2.1


Pentium, 200mHz





128MB (min.)

32MB (min.)



Disk Space

30MB (min.)




Major Customers Using the Solution
Synchrologic’s mobile technologies are licensed by corporate and OEM customers, including Cisco, Hertz, Citibank, 3M, JD Edwards, Nintendo, and Vantive.

Rule of Thumb Costs & Benefits
RealSync Server Benefits :

  • Easy to deploy for basic handheld sync
  • Sync options for Notes, Exchange, and enterprise databases
  • Offers secure, reliable management of handheld devices
  • Increases user productivity with pervasive data access
  • Part of a total mobile and wireless infrastructure solution

iMobile Data Synchronization Benefits :

  • Saves application development time
  • Easy to configure and maintain
  • Handles complex requirements
  • Doesn’t require changes to application or database
  • Part of a total mobile and wireless infrastructure solution

iMobile Software Distribution Benefits :

  • Makes managing mobile devices easy
  • Lowers cost of ownership of mobile devices
  • Increases productivity of end users
  • Decreases help desk calls and speeds resolution
  • Part of a total mobile and wireless infrastructure solution

iMobile File Distribution Benefits :

  • Lowers communications cost
  • Better control than email or intranet
  • Guaranteed delivery of up-to-date versions
  • Automates device-to-server back up
  • Increases user productivity
  • Part of a total mobile and wireless infrastructure solution

Pricing : (based on 100 users)
Real Sync Server :

  • $ 99 user

iMobile Software Distribution :

  • $ 29 for handhelds
  • $ 59 for PC

iMobile File Distribution :

  • $ 69 for handhelds
  • $ 99 for PC

iMobile Data Synchronization :

  • $ 139 for handhelds
  • $ 329 for PC

iMobile Suite :

  • $ 219 for handhelds without RealSync Server
  • $ 259 for handhelds with RealSync Server
  • $ 449 for PC

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