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ThinAir SDK
Wireless SDK for ThinAir Server

Product Sponsored by: ThinAirApps
428 Broadway
New York City, New York
10013 USA
Tel: 212.343.5000
Toll-free: 888.609.THIN(8446)

Wirelessly Enable Your Application
You need to bring your organization into the new age of mobile data access, but the development challenges are daunting, in a world of multiple devices, protocols, and data stores, how do you effectively concentrate your development efforts? The Wireless SDK for ThinAir Server allows you to leverage our robust, proven platform to enable secure real-time access to any type of information from a variety of wireless devices including Palm Handhelds™, Pocket PC's, Internet enabled mobile phones, and RIM Inter@ctive® Pagers. ThinAirApps specializes in understanding the wide range of devices available, their operating systems, network protocols and the unique development process for each of them. As new devices become available, you will be able to use the ThinAir Server to support them all.

How Into ThinAir™ Technology Cuts Your Development Time
Our Tag Libraries handle the rendering intricacies of common device markup languages by employing an object-oriented approach to displaying your content, messages, and forms. This allows you to focus on your specific business application development requirements and not get caught up in debugging. WML 1.1, HDML 3.0, and Palm VII HTML are supported for easily delivering data to your target devices.

Leverage your work. Through our Groupware Providers you can easily build applications that access Microsoft Exchange Server or Lotus Domino Server. You can also build your own providers which leverage the ThinAir Server framework to access remote data sources in a distributed, secure manner.

The developer section of our website is constantly growing and evolving, keeping pace with the wireless applications marketplace.

Build Scalable, Distributed, Secure Applications
The ThinAir Server Platform is 100% Java™ so your application can be deployed just about anywhere. The server's architecture enables you to distribute components across multiple machines, allowing you to handle load balancing, create redundancy, and to coexist with complex network and firewall configurations. In addition, ThinAir Server supports 128-bit RSA SSL encryption. For more information on security please follow link:

The Kinds of Data You Can Wirelessly Enable
The types of application you can build on the ThinAir Server Platform include order placement, inventory tracking, customer information, messaging, and mCommerce. View and manipulate data stored in your ODBC and JDBC enabled databases, XML documents, and Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes forms. Our support for Java opens up a world of components and technologies for your wireless applications -- from JavaBeans™ and Servlets, to JINI and XML.

Device Detectives
One of the biggest challenges of developing Web content is knowing the type of browser for which you are rendering your content. In the wireless world, that problem is multiplied many times. Not only do you have a wider variety of browsers, but every PDA, handheld device, or mobile handset has a different number of buttons, resolution, screen size, and more. The ThinAir Server Platform includes profiles for most popular wireless devices allowing applications to decide which types of devices it will support, and informing applications of the specific device parameters accessing each request.

Other ThinAirApps Products/Solutions
ThinAir Server - for out-of-box solution for wireless messaging and workgroup applications, such as calendaring.

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