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- Mobile DBMS & Application Development Integration -

Conventional development tools on various platforms (UNIX, NT, AS/400, web servers, application servers) do not necessarily support mobile applications on all wireless network and mobile devices, especially the new breed of PDAs and WinCE compatible devices. It is important, therefore, to select compatible application development platform that will support the devices that you may have in mind. Before selecting a tool, you must answer the following questions:

  • Is the enduser device supported in a development environment that is your organization's enterprise application development standard - Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sybase, etc.?
  • Do we have a pre-defined DBMS architecture at the backend which will influence our choice for mobile application servers  based at the backend 
  • Does the wireless network have drivers for the device operating in the specified software environment? or Does the Mobile communications server software (MCSS)  or wireless gateway support the specific wireless network that you intend to use e.g. Bell South's Mobitex, Motient's packet network, CDPD, CDMA, GPRS or 3G? Would you employ multiple wireless networks? 
  • Is the application architecture based on traditional client-server or more contemporary based on a web browser, web application server and the Internet?
  • Is Java development an important requirement for device and platform independence because you are not sure which devices would you support in future ? Do you expect to support multiple devices – Palm Pilot and Windows CE?
  • Should we extend a chosen enterprise application server architecture to wireless applications or should we select a wireless-specific application server. Go to our Mobile Computing Application Server page.
  • Is the application based on the use of Pen, voice or non-standard methods of input?  Are drivers required for this form of input integral part of SDK? 

We shall describe products in the following categories - first client side, then server side tools.


General Wireless Mobile Devices
This category is for those development tools which address multiple hand held devices.

  • Centurasoft.com - Centura provides a rapid development API, SDK and deployment suite for extending enterprise and legacy systems to wireless mobile devices.

Application Development Tools For Windows 95/2000/NT
If the mobile hardware device is supported under Windows95/2000/NT – which means a larger footprint, faster processor and more RAM, almost any of the Windows development tools could be used for developing user interface, application logic and any local DBMS that your application design calls for.

Pen-based Software Development Kits
The following SDKs are representative of various pen-based development kits:

Generic Psion, Symbian and EPOC Development Tools 

Palm OS Application Development
There is a rich set of development tools for Palm Pilot from PalmOS division of Palm, third party vendors and independents. PalmOS itself maintains a very good web site for additional developer resources.   There is a Palm Developers conference every year which is a must for any serious Palm application developer. Here is a subset of the starter tools available for this platform::

  • Palm 4.0 OS SDK - official SDK from Palm Computing for version 3.0
  • AppForge - allows you to develop Palm OS applications in Microsoft Visual Basic 
  • CASL 3.0 - a compact application solution language for Palm Pilot
  • CBasPad - a small interpreter for a subset of Basic
  • CoPilot - emulates Palm Pilot hardware on Windows for debugging Palm Pilot applications; now supported by Palm Computing as a component of version 3.0 SDK
  • CodeWarrior 4 - Toolkit for Pal OS applications hosted on Macintosh and Windows 95/NT
  • Debug 3.0 ROM - An enhanced and officially-supported version of Copilot
  • HanDbaseVersion 2.75 from DDH Software - users can extract data deom Windows or Macintosh PC and sync it with their palmOS handheld devices.  There is a handheld client software and a PC/Macintosh software to achieve this. 
  • JetTOP - Allows editing (display, delete, and create new entries for the address, To-do, datebook and memopad applications on Palm Pilot
  • Jump – Java code for Palm Pilot
  • LispMe - A scheme compiler and runtime system running on Palm Pilot
  • Palm Developer Studio - creates a framework for working applications on the Palm Pilot - intuitive and graphical interface
  • PalmPrint - allows printing of information from palm Pilot
  • Pendragon Forms -Pilot Forms Manager
  • PilotBean -Java interface to Palm Pilot
  • PocketC - Allows C applet
  • P*tools
  • RTAccess - provides synchronization between PalmPilot applications and database
  • Satellite Forms - a forms-based application development environment for Palm Pilot
  • SetupMAX - installation wizards that allow creation of .PRC and .PDB files
  • ViaXML - Joint product effort between AppForge (visual basic expertise for Palm) and Odyssey Software (Enterprise expertise for handheld) - use XML from Palm to access enterprise data (SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Baan and PeopleSoft data in SQLServer, DB2 and Oracle)

Windows CE & Pocket PC Application Development

Multi-platform,  Multi-device, Multi-Language Globalization - Smart phone and i-Mode Application Development Tools

  • AVIDRapid Tools - Java toolset for i-Mode, WAP, HTML, Palm VII and more
  • Motorola has entered into partnership with Boland® to provide its JBuilder™ 4 Foundation development environment as part of the Motorola iDEN® Subscriber Groups developers’ toolkit. For more, go to news item.
  • See J2ME page.
  • Multilizer Edition 5.0 - allows support for country localization, global markets - multiple language versions of user interface - supports EPOC/Symbian and Palm/Os platform, uses XML to achieve this 

Embedded Systems and Internet Appliance Development Tools

  • BSquare's Internet Appliance Software - Instant Messenger Software, Remote Device Updater, Remote Device Administrator, etc.

(offering specialized APIs and application management for wireless and mobile applications)

Server & Client Mobile Databases : These databases allow storage of local copy on mobile devices in such a way that it can be synchronized with server or desktop databases

Server & Client - Multiple-OS Application Development & Transaction Systems for PDAs

  • XMLEdge - MobileQ's software solution for developing applications mobile applications on handheld devices 
  • eXpresso - application development toolkit (Java and XML) for PocketPC, PalmOs, Dos and others in future
  • IBM's MQSeries Everyplace - a lightweight version of IBM's transaction processing middleware that runs on handheld devices

Retrofitting Mainframe Information for Wireless and Handhelds

  • IBM's MQSeries Everyplace  
  • ResQNet - a 100% pure Java applet that provides on-the-fly graphical connectivity to mainframe applications (IBM 390 and AS/400) for the web through Java-enabled browsers - convert "old green" screens to modern "point & click" GUI  interface
  • Esker's Mobile Mainframe Access Solution - Esker’s Corridor Solution enables enterprises to perform the following:

    • Transform mainframe and AS/400 applications for access by mobile employees, customers, and business partners via a wide range of WAP-enabled devices
    • Develop Web applications for wireless access to host data because the Corridor Builder automatically generates WML for enabling WAP-devices access to legacy applications

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