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Product & Service Directories
- Wireless Infrastructure Design & Load Testing Tools -

The following software products are note worthy:

Acterna's Wireless Network Testing Products
For testing QoS and network performance for core components of a wireless network - base stations, etc. Go here for more on this.

Azimuth - WLAN test bench 

Certification Testing for Mobile Devices - Veritest's load testing services
Veritest provides load testing, compatibility testing on wireless networks, including Wi-Fi

CMC  - The Test emulation Engine for WLAN market
This is a startup company that introduced a hardware test emulation engine for the WLAN market. This engine allows you to perform load testing of 802.11 network environments. Go here to get more info.

NTSCorp Testing Services and Tools
NTS Network Testing labs perform load tests, with LAN, WAN or wireless products. Go here for more.

Load Test System for Mobile Communications Networks
LTS-X is a testing system for network infrastructures and operators who want to test the base station transceivers and controllers for traffic. This system is from Europe.  To get more information, go to LTS-X product description page - http://www.condat.de/english/produkte/lts.shtml by clicking here.

Cirond Corporation's AirPatrol Mobile - Identifies WLAN Access Points, ad hoc networks, RF signal strength, security settings and hardware addresses. It also provides a visual representation of rogue networks in WLAN environmen on a floor plan. It is a software only solution that runs on any Windows wirelessly-enabled station or a PC tablet.

Air Magnet's Laptop Trio - A WLAN security tool that provides following functions:

  • Wi-Fi Security Policy Management
  • Wireless LAN Intrusion Detection
  • Wireless LAN Rogue AP Detection
  • Wireless LAN Site surveys
  • Connection troubleshooting
  • Trending, reporting and capacity planning 

Updated July 2004

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