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Smart Telephones :

  • Ericsson’s R380 – GSM 900 and 1800 phone with PC functionality – EPOC-based, WAP enabled
  • HandSpring 's Treo - Phone, organizer, messaging and web - with keyboard - Available in 2002
  • Handspring's VisorPhone Springboard - primarily a PDA with cellular telephone capability - Does have a hands-free headset. Supports SIM card and SMS application
  • Handera 330 - PalmOS compatible PDA
  • Kyocera's 6035 Smartphone - PalmOS based combination of a phone with PDA capability- stronger on telephone functionality. Flip-down keyboard
  • Qualcomm’s pDQ – combination of telephone and PDA – no keyboard – telephone form factor - Essentially withdrawn, see Kyocera 6035 above
  • Nokia's 5110 Phone/Music/Phone Combo - available in Europe, Asia in 4q2001.
  • Nokia's 3G Communicator - For operation on 3G - announced at Cannes 3GSM (Feb 2001)
  • Nokia’s 9210 Communicator – EPOC based telephone plus PDA with a keyboard – upgrade from old 9000 communicator
  • Nokia 9290 Java-enabled Phones - North American version of 9210 - to be released in 2Q 2002.
  • Motorola introduces Timeport 270 using Bluetooth technology. A tri-mode CDMA, hands-free speaker phone, with 4-way joystick, headset connectivity and a PIM. Price around $350 (August 2001). The handset will communicate with a headset to be introduced shortly.
  • Motorola Accompli 009 Personal Communicator - Tri-band GSM/GPRS phone
  • Motorola’s Bluetooth Phone Module – click here 
  • Motorola's Accompli 009 - Announced at CES show in Las Vegas in January 2001, it will be available in late 2001. It is a two-way messaging device/cellular phone with a Qwerty keyboard and operates under Motorola's proprietary Wisdom OS.  It has support for SMS, wireless e-mail and wireless web access.- for business users - will operate in GPRS networks. With 5.7 oz weight, it will be quite easy to carry. 
  • Samsung SPH-1300 Digital assistant - PalmOS-based PDA-telephone combination - available from Sprint PCs and Verizon around $400 US.  Essentially a Palm VII with phone feature. Has 8MB memory. Allows you to talk while using PDA functionality.  Battery life continues to be a problem with combination devices. See Kyocera 6035 also.
  • Sony-Ericsson version of smart phones coming soon

Smart Phone accessories


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