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Product & Service Directories
- Mobile Computing Communications Server / Switches (MCSS) - Wireless Gateways

Within this category, there are three sub-categories - RAS Products for wireline and specialized MCSS products for wireless:

1. General-purpose Mobile Communications Server Switch or Wireless Communications Gateway (for wireless solutions)

Please go to MCSS Vendor pages for the following products - click here to go to MCSS vendor page

  • Broadbeam's Smart IP/ExpressQ products implemented by Systems Integrators on Multiple hardware/software platforms
  • Geoworks Airboss Wireless communications Server
  • IBM’s eBusiness Wireless Gateway - now called Wireless Everyplace Connection Manager
  • Intergraph’s Communications Server for Public Safety application – supports limited number of private radio networks
  • MDSI’s Advantex Gateway product
  • Sybase iAnywhere's Wireless Server
  • Xwave Public Safety Communications Server Switch on an NT platform – based on Broadbeam middleware

2. WAP Gateways - Go here

3. Miscellaneous Gateways, including Instant Messaging (IM) 

4. RAS (Remote Access Server) Products for wireline and VPN-connected mobile solutions

The following vendors (a partial list - Editor) have a series of products from the low-end to the high-end:

  • Lucent
  • Nortel Bay Networks
  • CISCO - Remote Access Features in Routers
  • Compaq - Digital NetRider/NetServer family
  • IBM RAS Products - LANDistance
  • Microcom
  • Perle
  • 3COM - Remote access product family
  • Xyplex - Network 3000 family


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