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Product & Service Directories
- Operating System, Middleware & Connectivity Software -

Under this category are included those products that relate to the operating system functions, software drivers, and connectivity. Middleware, device management and synchronization software is also included here.

For WAP-related products (gateways and servers), go to WAP index

1.Broadbeam's Middleware Products
Broadbeam’s wireless middleware hides the complexity of wireless communications with simple APIs, making it easy to develop and deploy mobile applications based on wireless networks.

Go to website for more information.

2. Dynamic Mobile Data Corporation’s Products

  • DMD MobileX
  • DMD Mobile Replicator
  • DMD MobileQuery
  • DMD MobileFAX
  • DMD Mobility Layer

3. GeoWorks Airboss product (formerly BellCore)

  • Airboss Mobile Application Tool kit
  • Airboss client software
  • Airboss Middleware
  • Airboss API/Microbrowser
  • Airboss Server software

4. IBM Wireless Gateway - could be used in conjunction with WebSphere Mobile Application Server engine

5. Oracle Mobile Development Environment
See this topic under Application development tool section.

6. Telesis North's "OnAir Mobile for Exchange"
OnAir Mobile is component software which extends Exchange client and Outlook to wireless networks by offering unique remote mail features, efficient communications and integration with Back Office. The design is optimized for wireless communications and message submission/delivery protocols into Microsoft’s Exchange Server. It supports

  • Radio: Motorola DataTac 4000 (North America), 5000 (Pacific Rim), 6000 (Europe), Mobitex
  • Cellular: Analog, CDPD, GSM, PCS
  • Wired: Internet ISP DialUp, Internet WAN and PSTN data-over-voice networks
  • Inmarsat (satellite) Wireless Messaging Technology (IWMT)

The OnAir RequestX Software Development Kit is available for internal corporate Information Technology organizations and for solution providers to develop applications using the OnAir infrastructure. Go to vendor site for more info.

7. Air Media’s (formerly EX-Machina) "Notify" paging software between PCs and Servers

8. Emergin's Wireless Office  software with peripheral enhancements Alarm Messenger, E-mail Messenger, Web Messenger and Voice Messenger message-enable existing hardware and software systems.  It automates communication of mission-critical information by connecting mobile employees with the Internet and your business operations. 

File Transfer, Synchronization and Management Software

There are a number of products in this category. The following are most common:

1. Afaria from XcelleNet

  Afaria is one of the leading solutions that can manage laptops, PDAs, smart phones, RIM pagers, WinCE devices, and more.  From a central location, you can keep devices running, deploy applications, check inventory, and provide automatic updates.

2. Extended Systems XTNDConnect Server is a mobile synchronization and management solution that allows IT professionals to integrate and manage mobile devices as well as deploy mobile applications. By allowing mobile devices to synchronize directly to server applications, mobile workers can access information remotely, using a wired or wireless connection. >Click here for more

3.   iMobile Suite client-server data synchronization software – a plug-in component technology is used by IBM in their e-Network Wireless gateway - Click here for more

4. River Run Software’s All-in-Synch! Personal Connectivity Software allows Windows CE-based PC to synchronize with the desktop for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.

5. Laplink from Traveling Software

6. Intellisynch from Puma

7.TrueSync from Starfish – Synchronization between Rex devices and PDAs, Palm Pilot, Windows CE devices and Lotus Notes servers

8. "Network Plugged" from Mobility – synchronization of files when working in disconnected mode

9. SmartSynch from Nomadic software – synchronization between remote systems

10. "PylonPro" from Globalware Computing Inc. – moves Lotus Notes data on to PDAs. Also PIM data synchronization

11. "CEFusion" from OdysseySoftware allows Windows CE devices to access enterprise data through ODBC links

12. MobileWare XMP allows field workers access to the enterprise data, email and the Internet to do their jobs effectively.


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