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Product & Service Directories
- Wireless LAN and Wireless WAN Integration Products - 

  • Birdstep Mobile IP Client software - Allows roaming between Wireless LAN and GSM/GPRS networks. Go here for more.

  • IBM Everyplace Gateway - IBM has commercialized a universal communication gateway that offers seamless, secure roaming between different types of wireless networks including Wireless LAN, cellular, private mobile radio and satellite networks. 

  • ipUnplugged (Company is a European startup, as of 2002) - Its software allows roaming between wireless LAN and GSM/GPRS. Lucent has tested its software.

  • Navini - software for hybrid networks - roaming across WLAN and WWAN

  • NetMotion Wireless - Inter-network roaming allows users to maintain continuous and secure connections and application sessions when roaming between different physical networks and different radio frequency technologies—from wired networks to Wi-Fi (802.11b) networks, CDPD, GPRS, 1xRTT, Bluetooth, and other emerging 3G standards. Also protocol and bandwidth optimization - by combining multiple application data packets in one transmission and send (piggyback) packet acknowledgements in the same transmission.  

  • Padcom's TotalRoam Product (Company is based in Bethlehem, PA, USA) - Allows roaming across wireless LAN and public switched wireless networks - CDPD (now), GSM/GPRS and 1xRTT CDMA in 4th quarter 2002. Client server and server/gateway software maintain application session during switching of the network. Company has domain expertise in public safety and utilities.

  • Transat Technologies 

  • Also see Wireless LAN Gateways/Routers page

(Page dated February 2002) - 

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