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Product & Service Directories
- Wireless Network Services -

Wireless Network Service Providers - including electronic messaging services, in most cases

  • AirTouch : AirTouch Cellular is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States,
    providing service in 16 of the top 30 U.S. metropolitan areas. AirTouch Paging products and services are widely available in 171 markets in 33 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Ameritech (now part of SBC) - circuit-switched cellular, CDPD, and paging (primarily in IL, IN, MI, OH and WI).
  • AT&T's PocketNet Service - messaging application services
  • Bell Atlantic - "Airbridge" CDPD service
  • BellSouth Wireless Data's Messaging Application - Bell South wireless data maintains a nation-wide data network based on Ericsson's Mobitex infrastructure.
  • Geotek : Wireless voive and data services based on digital frequency hopping multiple hopping services
  • GoAmerica's Messaging application services
  • GTE Mobile Data's messaging application services
  • Intelligent Information Incorporated - provides filtered content e.g. stock information, on intelligent telephones from their own server
  • Metricom - Offers a wireless spread spectrum network access to the Internet at 28.8 Kbps @ 29.95 per month unlimited use in the Bay area of California, Seattle and Washington. Plans to offer it in more metropolitan areas - "Having hard time in spreading its footprint elsewhere in USA and other countries" - Editor
  • Motient Wireless Application Messaging Services (owned by Motient Corporation) - packet switched wireless data services throughout USA, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  • NexTel - an ESMR iDEN based network offering integrated voice, data and text messaging services in USA.   In Canada, similar service is offered by Clearnet.
  • Formerly NOTABLE, now called Wireless Services Corporation - provides a variety of wireless data communications services, the most ‘notable’ being AirNote messaging (e-mail and telephone) service on your pager. It also offers Septor financial information service (time-sensitive news and stock information).
  • SkyTel's messaging and paging application services - Provides nationwide paging network, including 2-way paging for low end messaging and transaction based applications.
  • Sprint has announced nation-wide wireless network services for the Internet. Click here for more info.

Wireless Application Service Providers (W-ASPs) - These vendors provide wireless application hosting either on their own infrastructure i.e. they are conventional ISPs, ASPs and have decided to get into wireless application hosting business.  In some cases, vendors, such as Broadbeam, specializing in wireless application development have partnered with ISPs to offer wireless application hosting services. Go here for this listing.

Wireless Internet Service Providers 

In this category, we list those ISPs that provide specialized internet access services through wireless networks. While many ISPs claim this capability, we have decided to list only those ISPS that support wireless network access as a standard offering, have core competency in wireless, and can offer technical support to end user organizations.  In some cases, these ISPs may provide application hosting services as well as listed in previous directory listing.

  • GoAmerica - offers messaging service based on RIM's 850 interactive pager
  • Infospace - offers wireless messaging, instant messaging and other portal services
  • Omnisky - provides a branded wireless messaging service for use on handheld mobile devices (Palm and Visor -  3Q 2000)) 
  • Sprint - messaging service
  • WISP - Wireless Internet Service Provider - offers wireless access to the Internet and Intranet. The vendor claims to offer optimized wireless link speed on CDPD networks through modem acceleration software. The company offers several bundled packages at a fixed monthly rate.
  • WolfeTech - Allows users to access to the Internet and your company databases through pagers, PCS phones, PDA's and other two-way wireless devices.

Unique Wireless Application Service Providers

  • iii- Intelligent Information Incorporated Application Services on digital telephones and pagers - stock trade, weather, etc.
  • 3COM's Palm.Net Service - allows Palm Pilot userrs to access Internet applications - stock trade, etc. - Both individual and corporate users can subscribe to the service.  Site maintained by 3COM in cooperation with BellSouth Wireless Data
  • Handheldmed.com - a new web site devoted to handheld computers in clinical medicine.  The site provides reviews of medically related software, news, and advice on the use of PDAs in medicine.
  • ePhysician - an e-commerce site will supply 10,000 Palm handheld computers to physicians. Healthcare professionals can order lab tests and prescriptions that are routed by ephysician server to designated lab or drug store.
  • MobileStar - a Wireless Travel Portal in Hotels & Airports: MobileStar has started offering wireless LAN   speed connectivity to the Internet at selected hotels (Hilton, to start with), airports (e.g. Dallas), airline lounges (American Airlines Admirals Club). You can rent appropriate (Proxim) PC card for your notebook from the hotel or lounge, if you do not have one in your notebook. MobileStar is planning a monthly subscription fee of around $30, a price that includes 50 Mbytes of data transport, and a $1 session fee per localized session. In most cases, this would average out to
    between $40 and $50 a month. "A very interesting, innovative and useful service indeed for the busy professionals" - MobileInfo Editor
  • SuiteLink for Guests in hotels (A high-speed Internet connection in hotels)  - a combined notebook,software and network bundle with wireless LAN connection from the notebook at high speed and then through an Internet DSL link from the hotel to the ISP. Hotel pays $ 2.00 per day per room to service provider; guest pays @9.95 per day to the service provider. People with their own notebooks do not pay $9.95 charge. http://www.hotel-online.com/Neo/News/PressReleases1999_2nd/May99_GuesTech.html

CANADIAN SCENE - Wireless Data Network Services, including messaging

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