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Product & Service Directories
- Wireless LANs , Public Hotspot Products and Mobile Caching server-  

For Mobile Caching server, go to the bottom of the page

The following 802.11x vendor products are worth considering in this category:

  • 3COM - W802.11 Wireless LAN Access Points and Adapters; 3COM also supplies Bluetooth products
  • Agere's ORiNOCO (formerly Lucent's WaveLAN family)
    Agere's ORiNOCO product family is what was "WaveLAN" wireless LAN product suite from Lucent. Click here for more info.  
  • Atheros - Chip sets for  802.11a in 5GHz band
  • Alvarion (merger of BreezeCom and Floware) Wireless LAN products
    BreezeCom manufactures both wireless LAN (including 802.11 compatible) and bridge products. Click here for an overview, then for a specific product click on the relevant category.
  • BreezeNET PRO.11 Ethernet – 3Mbps with automatic fall back to 2 Mbps and one Mbps
  • BreezeLINK Wireless E1/T1 Modem/ bridge – 2.4 GHz FHSS, 25-40 KM range
  • BreezeNET DS.11 High speed Wireless Access
  • Bluesocket Wireless LAN security and management products
  • Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN products
    Cisco Aironet is a leading wireless LAN vendor. It manufactures both wireless LAN (including 802.11 compatible) and bridge products. Click here for an overview of the products, then for a specific product click,  on the relevant series. The following products are noteworthy:
  •  Cisco Aironet 340 and
  •  Cisco Aironet 350 Family 
  • D-Link - More affordable WLAN solutions for SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market
  • Enterasys  (came out of a reorganization of Cabletron) - RoamAbout Access Point and Adapters - SOHO market
  • Ericsson Wireless LAN products
    Ericsson manufactures both wireless LAN and bridge products under "WLAN" brand name. Click here for an overview, then for a specific product click on the relevant category. 
  • Intel - 802.11b and 802.11a Solutions - Intel Pro 5000 WLAN Family .
  • Intermec - Wireless LANs mostly for manufacturing, distribution industries
  • NDC Wireless LAN Products - "InstantWave" wireless LAN products - not interoperable with others, as of June 1999.
  • Proxim Wireless LAN Products
    Proxim is one of the leading vendors in wireless LAN arena. Proxim offers the following wireless LAN products

Proxim's RangeLAN2 products

  • Based on WLIF's (Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum) Open Air standard
  • FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology in 2.4 GHz band.
  • 1.6 Mbps speed (fallback to 800 Kbps)
  • Device can be up to 500 feet from the access point
  • Click here for more info on these products.

Proxim's RangeLAN DS - Building to building bridges

Proxim's Harmony products

Proxim's Symphony HomeRF Networking Products

  • Symbol - Mostly for manufacturing, distribution industries
  • Wi-LAN - Wireless Broadband Ethernet Bridges based on OFDM
  • Xircom  (an Intel company) - WLAN solutions for SOHO 
  • Solectek Products
    Solectek's wireless bridges and routers enable cost effective wireless LAN/WAN spread spectrum communications solutions that have data rates up to 11Mbps for ranges up to 25miles. The Solectek MP Series, developed in collaboration with Harris Semiconductor, is a family of wireless, transparent MAC layer, 2.4GHz multipoint Ethernet bridges with RIP/Static IP/IPX routing. This field upgradeable family consists of the MP-200-E with a data rate of 2Mbps, the MP550-E with a data rate of 5.5Mbps and the MP1100-E with a data rate of 11Mbps. As customer’s bandwidth requirements grow, they can purchase and install higher throughput software for their network of MP bridges. Click here to go to Solectek site for more information.
  • Symbol Wireless LAN products
    Symbol manufactures a number of wireless LAN products - :
  • Spectrum24 11 Mbps DSSS LAN
  • Spectrum24 2 Mbps Frequency Hopping LAN
  • NetVision Voice-Over-IP Solution
  • NetVision Phone - Voice over IP for simultaneous voice and data on the same wireless backbone
  • SpectrumSoft WNMS - Wireless Network Management System

Network Computing Magazine's Comparison of Wireless LAN products
Go to Dave Molta’s article in Network Computing (March 11, 1999 issue) on 802.11 compatible devices. Dave Molta, a wireless LAN analyst, published the following three tables for comparison of wireless LAN products:

  • 915 MHz Wireless LAN/MAN Modem Products
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN/MAN Modem Products
  • 5.8 GHz Wireless LAN/MAN Modem Products

Click here for 915 MHz Wireless LAN/MAN product comparison

Wireless LAN components - amplifiers, antennas, wireless bridge kits, splitters, cables

Mobile Security Servers

Mobile Caching Server

  • Jack Mobile Caching server from WideRay - This is a unique product for providing content wirelessly (using infra red or RF) to handheld devices at public-area hot spots,  trade shows, conferences and data delivery to remote or temporary worksites and meetings.

Wireless LAN Protocol Analyzers and Test Products 

These products allow network installers and technical support personnel to diagnose problems in wireless LANs. If, for example, database access to a wireless client is slower as compared to a wireline client, these tools will give you some clues as to why. Primarily because overhead traffic in wireless networks is higher than in wireline networks. The following three products were noteworthy as of May 2002:

For comparison of three products, go here.  

(Page updated in May 2002) - 

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