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- Wireless Network Infrastructure Products -

Ericsson, Lucent, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Siemens, and Qualcomm are among the major suppliers of wireless network infrastructure products. Their products are used for installing private or public shared radio networks operated by the end user organizations (e.g. public safety agencies), telecommunications carriers and network service providers.

Typically, network service providers and public wireless network operators evaluate network infrastructure options and products in a more comprehensive manner. MOBILEINFO pages may not serve their complete information needs. Our web site is primarily aimed at mobile computing and RF network professionals in enduser organizations who normally evaluate which network infrastructure may be suitable for their mobile applications. Therefore, we shall provide only a limited amount of information on these products.

Ericsson’s Private Mobile Data Networks – EDACS Network and Gateway – an Integrated Voice and Data Gateway
Ericsson offers products for building integrated voice and data networks for mobile users of an enterprise. Several public safety agencies have employed EDACS network and gateway for police, fire control, ambulance dispatch applications. Many organizations have implemented both voice and data, some organizations have decided to implemented voice only. Remember, voice is given higher priority over data in most networks, including EDACS. Please go to http://www.ericsson.com/US/prs/prs100.html for more information.

Ericsson Mobitex Network – This legacy wireless network infrastructure is aimed primarily at wireless data network service providers who want to provide shared public wireless packet data services to enduser organizations. Cingular (formerly Bell South Wireless Data) provides this type of service in USA – there are Mobitex networks in over 15 countries. Several components comprise a Mobitex network – base stations controllers, Message Exchange Switch (MOX), antennas, radios and modems. For more information on the architecture of Mobitex, please read chapter 8 of Mobile Computing handbook. For current information on Mobitex components, click on Mobitex page of Ericsson’s web site – http://www.ericsson.se/wireless/products/mobsys/mobitex/mobitex.shtml

BRU34 and 39 are two different models of Mobitex base stations. BR39 Base Radio Unit is current model. Major features of BRU3901 are :

  • Outdoor/indoor installation, small size (13"x17"x7""’), low weight (40 lb.), approximately 5 KM coverage
  • Simplicity of installation, with up to 3 years of operation without on-site maintenance
  • 3 watt output
  • Frequency range Rx 896-902 MHz, Tx 935-941 MHz
  • Modified non-persistent CSMA media access control
  • One system channel with 1500 maximum number of users

Click here for more info.

Ericsson M2000 Mobidem
M2000 is a small low power radio modem that can be built into PC or other equipment. It has no power source of its own. It does not have its own antenna, which must be designed specifically for the host equipment. It has rated data transfer rates of 1200 to 9600 bps. It supports Mobitex MACS, AT and X.28 protocols. There are three versions of M2000:

  • M2050 425-460 MHz UK
  • M2060 410-432 MHz Rest of Europe
  • M2090 896-941 MHz USA and Canada

Major applications of M2000 are in telemetry, vending machines, kiosks, etc.

Other Mobitex modems - M2100, M3090 and M4000 series
M2100 is a type III PC card modem.

Research in Motion (a wireless manufacturer in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) supplies a Mobitex modem as well. Click on www.rim.net for more info.

Ericsson C710/M Radio Modem

  • It is a radio and data modem combined into a single unit.
  • It is designed to run on Mobitex network.
  • It can transmit data at 8000 bps.
  • Uses GMSK modulation technique.

Ericsson’s Other Wireless Network Products
Ericsson offers infrastructure products to carriers and network service providers who want to build public shared networks based on GSM, TDMA, PDC, TACS, and WCDMA technologies. For more information, click here.

Motorola Radio Network Product Line
Motorola supplies hardware and software for both conventional and trunking radio networks. These products serve a single site as well as wide area networks. Wide area solutions are based on simulcast as well as SmartZone™ technologies.

Simulcast broadcasts identical information on the same carrier frequency from multiple, geographically separated sites. Therefore, it is used to extend a system’s coverage beyond a single site. It is analogous to cell reuse concept implemented in cellular networks. SmartZone connects individual sites to form one large, seamless radio network. Motorola M6809 is a trunking central controller that coordinates between sites.

Besides conventional and trunking radio networks, Motorola also supplies iDEN and DataTac private networks.

Click on http://www.mot.com/LMPS/RNSG/networks/index2.htm for general information on Motorola networks and click on specific networks for details about that product.

  • Conventional radio networks – from basic radio to radio to wide area coverage
  • Trunking radio networks – more advanced management, priority schemes and more efficient frequency usage
  • IDEN networks – public network technology for radio to radio, telephony, text messaging and data transmission
  • DataTac Private networks

Motorola’s APCO (Public Safety) Private Radio Network Solutions
Motorola provides a full suite of products, under ASTRO family for APCO-25 (see chapter 2 for additional information on APCO 25) compliant private radio network standard. The product suite consists of portable units, base stations, repeaters, radio network controllers, gateways and network management consoles. APCO common air interface is based on FDMA, 12.5 KHz (6.25 KHz digital in future) channel, 9600 signal data rate, QPSK-c modulation, and the IMBE Voice Coder.

Motorola’s Wireless Modems
Motorola supplies wireless modems for Motient, Mobitex and other private radio networks. Both desktop and PC card (PCMCIA) versions are available. Motient RDLAP radio modems operate at 19200 bps; older Motient modems operate at 4800 bps.

Other APCO-25 (a Public Safety radio networking standard) Compliant Products
E.F. Johnson Inc., Bendix King, Stanilite Electronics Pty Ltd. and Transcrypt International Inc., are other vendors providing APCO-25 compliant products.

Northern Telecom’s Wireless Infrastructure Products
Northern Telecom provides several wireless infrastructure products which are sold to telecommunications carriers and network service providers. We shall give a very brief description of these products.

Nortel CDPD Products
Nortel can upgrade existing cellular networks based on Nortel technology by installing dual-mode radio units (DRUs) and new software into Nortel switches. Click on http://www1.nortelnetworks.com/wireless/cdpd_net.html for additional info on Nortel’s CDPD product solution.

Nortel PCS 1900 System
This consists of base station subsystem, network switching subsystem, advanced antennas, terminals and smart cards - essentially everything that a network service provider might need to install a GSM compatible PCS network. The Base Station Subsystem (BSS) interfaces to the mobile stations and the network. The Base station Controller (BSC) and Base Transceiver Station (BTS) are primary components of the BSS. Network Switching system is based on Nortel’s DMS SuperNode architecture.

Nortel CDMA Products
Nortel also manufacturers, sells and supports IS-41 compatible CDMA network solutions for PCS networks. With ‘DualMode’ (e.g. CDPD and voice) microcell architecture, Nortel products can increase overall capacity of the network and reduce coverage problems, especially at traffic intersections, tunnels and other locations where other base stations located further away may not be able to penetrate. Nortel product line offers conventional AMPS, TDMA and CDPD from the same radio and antenna platform.

Lucent Wireless Products
Lucent offers the following wireless products:

  • Flexant Microcell Private in-building wireless networks - Click here for more info.
  • Airloop wireless local loop product - Click here for more info.
  • WaveLan wireless LAN product - Click here for more info.

Lucent-Ascend: Lucent acquired Ascend in 06/99 - while major motivation was Voice over IP and other technologies. Lucent is expected to incorporate wireless technology in Ascend RAS and switching product line in future.

Qualcomm Wireless Network Products
Qualcomm offers the following mobile computing infrastructure products

Click here for an overview of Qualcomm products.

DataRadio Private Radio Network Products
DataRadio supplies private radio network components as follows:

400 and 800 MHz Radio network base stations and modems that operate from 9600 bps to 34000 bps. Click here for more info.

Intermec Wireless WAN Modems
Norand division of Intermec makes following radio modems for wireless networks

Sierra Wireless Modem Products
Sierra offers the following three Wireless Modems

  • AirCard 200 CDPD Only
  • AirCard 210 Multimode – CDPD and Cellular
  • AirCard 300 CDPD modem for Windows CE compatible PDAs

Click on http://www.sierrawireless.com/ProductsOrdering/mobile.html for more information.

Novatel Products
Novatel supplies wireless (CDPD) modems for notebooks, Palm Pilot and Handheld PCs.

Wireless Network - Infrastructure Enhancement Products 
  • RadioFrame:  The RadioFrame solution fulfills the need for increasing indoor wireless coverage at a fraction of the cost of the current alternatives.

  • Spotwave Wireless: Improves cellular coverage and service in buildings and vehicles with its spotcell technology. It complements existing technology

Go to Wireless Network Bandwidth Optimization vendors. 

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