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Product & Service Directories
- Wireless Network Infrastructure Service : Content Delivery, Messaging, OSS (Billing & Administration) and  Bandwidth Optimization

  • Wireless Portal development

  • Wireless Portal Content Delivery and Adaptation

  • Wireless OSS, Provisioning, Billing, etc

  • Wireless Network Bandwidth Optimization Software

  • Wireless-specific Development Components - SDK's, Mobile IP Stacks, etc.

  • Infrastructure-specific lifecycle project management services - initial design to rollout

Wireless Portal Development
  • iAnywhere (a Sybase company) provides portal server software including a wireless gateway. Go here for more. 
  • Corechange - Coreport 3g is the next-generation e-business access framework for deploying a wireless portal. These can be implemented in a corporate, community, marketplace and mobile commerce environments. For more, go here 
  • iPlanet (a Sun-Netscape alliance) offers Mobile Access Pack (for wireless access) and iPlanet Portal Server Software - Enterprise Edition.  This allows enterprises to build customized business portals - for their customers, business partners. Can personalize content for different screen sizes of customers.
  • OracleMobile
Carrier-centric (where mentioned) and Enterprise-focused Messaging Platforms - Wireless Instant Messaging, etc. - see SMS/MMS  application development tools page also 

IM Resources: 


Wireless Portal Content Delivery and Adaptation :
  • AirFlash - location-specific content delivery services

  • Wireless Network Infrastructure Service : Provisioning, Billing Administration, Network Inventory, Service Order, IP Address  Administration and Class of Service (CoS) -

    As wireless network service providers and wireless portals start offering wireless data content services to end users, the problem of billing and customer service becomes rather huge. Existing billing algorithms that network providers use are relatively simple and rely on getting batch tapes and online feeds from network carriers and generating bills from these sources. The format, fields and contents of these feeds are constantly changing fast - there are no standards presently. Then there are the content providers who need to be compensated for the content. no standard formula for paying the content providers exists. Therefore, there is a new and niche business space for wireless and web billing software providers. The functionality and issues that these billing and customer service providers must address are: 

    • Cater to non-standardized information formats
    • Measurement of content traffic - different metrics are being used
    • Allow for wireless advertising revenue accounting
    • Rapid subscriber changes - adds, moves and deletions
    • Class of Service (CoS) measurement

    Vendors in This Space 

    Wireless Network Traffic Optimization Vendors :


    Software Components for Large Enterprises (Do-it-yourself types), Content Providers, ASPs, ISPs and Network Operators - SDKS, Routing, Mobile IP Stacks, etc. 
    Infrastructure-specific project lifecycle management services - initial design to rollout


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