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Mobile Computing Reports

Title: Mobile Internet Industry Survey Report.
Company: ARC Group
Date: September 2000
  • Pages of primary data, charts and quantitative analysis
  • Data collected from 260 Mobile Internet professionals
  • An invaluable strategic planning resource
  • Equipment manufacturers, content providers and application developers give their opinions on the development of the Mobile Internet
  • Covers all major issues facing the industry including:
  • The most common business models for mobile content provision
  • Applications & services expected to generate the most revenues
  • The greatest technical challenges
  • The most important Mobile Internet alliances
  • and many more issues
What Mobile Internet feature will be most important to reduce churn?

Some Findings:
  • In 2004, 68% of respondents expect entertainment to emerge as the top revenue generator for mobile data services.
  • The most notable barriers against the take-up of mobile internet services are felt to be data transfer speed, closely followed by limited terminal display and functionality.
  • Nearly 30% expect network technology to be the key enabler for data applications.
  • More than half of respondents (55%) think that the mass consumer market will be the largest revenue generating sector in 2004.
  • 31% of respondents view handset interoperability as the biggest technical challenge they face in developing mobile internet technologies/services.
  • Equipment vendors are considered by 46% of respondents to be the most influential players in the mobile internet marketplace today.
Table of Contents: Introduction: Methodology, report structure and respondent information.

Executive Summary

Respondent Profiles: A detailed profile of all respondents by industry sector, geography, size of company and job title.

Applications & Services: The applications and services expected to generate the most revenues across a wide range of sectors.

Market Issues: Key enablers, influences and barriers to the take up of Mobile Internet services. The market sectors generating most revenues.

Business & Strategy Issues: The most common models for mobile content provision, key features to reduce churn and the most influential players and alliances.

Technical Issues: The greatest technical challenges expected to face the industry and the most widely used platforms and formats.

Mobile Internet Revenues: The predicted proportion of Mobile Internet service revenues to be captured by operators, content and application developers, start-ups and market leaders.

Report Format & Delivery: The final report contains 100 pages of primary data, charts and quantitative analysis. Answers given by operators, vendors and content and application providers are compared by segment (e.g. geography, type of company and position of respondent).

This report is available in the following formats:

  • Single user electronic version
  • Printed version
  • Multi-user corporate license
Reader's Views on ARC Reports: "A very Good Report"  Business Planning Analyst, Motorola

"We found the survey very thorough and invaluable for planning our product direction"  Product Marketing Manager, Tantau Software

Pricing Info: Single user electronic version - $ 2050 US
Single user print version - $2415 US (shipped by express courier)
Multi-user corporate license  $8400 US
More Info:  Want to look at a 3-page brochure with a detailed "Table of Content".  If you have specific question, please send us an e-mail at mobileinfo1@mobileinfo.com
How to Order: Send us an e-mail at mobileinfo1@mobileinfo.com

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