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Solution Sponsored by: AlterEgo Networks
656 Bair Island Road, Ste. 108
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 650-363-5500 Fax: 650-298-9357

Solution Description
AlterEgo Networks helps companies accelerate productivity and profits by enabling anytime, anywhere Internet access. Our highly scalable software speeds deployment of applications customized for any mobile device or desktop platform, reduces cost and complexity of deploying pervasive Internet solutions, complements existing web infrastructure and scales to meet changing requirements across highly distributed enterprises.


  • Network-ready software suite enables phased deployment of distributed adaptive architecture for delivering web content and applications to any platform
  • Patent-pending technology enables scalable, dynamic content customization and eliminates latency to deliver great user experience across the distributed enterprise
  • Software and services that accelerate the productivity of employees, partners and customers by enabling enterprise-wide real-time access to web content and applications whenever and wherever it's needed.
  • A framework for enabling pervasive access to the Internet and integrating with existing IT infrastructures. 
  • Scalable products that dynamically adapt and deliver content customized for any mobile device or desktop platform and highly personalized for each user's requirements.

More Technology Infrastructure Features

  • Intelligent detection of mobile device location, type, and connection speed
  • Intelligent DNS routing, and Image Transformation technologies, allowing for the AlterEgo network node closest to the mobile device user to service that user, instead of a single node at AlterEgo HQ handling all wireless data traffic
  • Caching of bandwidth intensive images and adapted content at edges of the network
  • Private Network Access Point (P-NAP)-based “private Internet” delivery network, allowing bypassing of public Internet congestion points such as ISP-to-ISP private peering points and public network access points
  • High reliability and availability network via direct circuits from nodes to all the major Internet backbone carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, UUNet, Digex, etc)
  • Broadest connectivity solution w/ all the major wireless carriers via direct circuits from AlterEgo network nodes to the Carrier’s CDMA/CDPD transmission bays  

Solution Components

The AlterEgo Adaptive Performance Suite consists of the following line of products: 

  • AlterEgo Content Adaptation Server 2.0 - A complete solution for managing content proliferation and network variance for wired environments by unifying disparate applications formats and adapting applications and content for users based on their bandwidth connections.
  • AlterEgo Mobile Web Server 2.0 - An expandable platform for adding mobile and non-PC device access to existing enterprise applications and content. AlterEgo Mobile Web Server adds proprietary device detection functionality to determine the capabilities and constraints of each target device, ensuring that the right content is delivered to the right device, perfectly optimized every time. 
  • AlterEgo Adaptive Hub - A unique solution for combining multiple deployments of AlterEgo Mobile Web Server and Content Adaptation Server to create a single, distributed adaptive network, capable of delivering unparalleled performance and reliability enterprise-wide.

Devices Supported

  • Palm OS devices (Palm, Handspring)
  • Pocket PC devices (Compaq, HP, Casio, etc.)
  • 2-way pagers (RIM Blackberry)

Wireless Networks Supported

  • All wireless carriers supported

Major Customers Using the Solution

  • USAToday.com

  • ClearStation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of E*TradeTerra Networks

  • consumerREVIEW.com

Rule of Thumb Costs & Benefits

  • Benefits: Immediate ROI, Best User Experience

  • Costs: All products, which run on the Sun Solaris operating system,
    are offered on a per CPU pricing model with significant reductions in
    pricing for volume purchases.

AlterEgo's Whitepaper on "Adapting Intranet Applications for Handheld devices and wireless networks", click here. (PDF file)

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