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Extended Systems XTNDConnect Server

Solution Sponsored by: Extended Systems
Tel: 1-800-235-7576 (in U.S. & Canada) 
Tel: 1-208-322-7800 (outside U.S.)
Fax: 1-406-587-9170
E-mail: info@extendsys.com

Solution Description
Extended Systems XTNDConnect Server is a mobile synchronization and management solution that allows IT professionals to integrate and manage mobile devices as well as deploy mobile applications. By allowing mobile devices to synchronize directly to server applications, mobile workers can access information remotely, using a wired or wireless connection.


  • Cross-Platform Support

    • Supports Palm, EPOC and Windows Powered Pocket, Palm-size and Handheld PC devices.

    • Supports Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and ODBC-compliant database servers

  • Synchronization

    • Synchronizes contacts, calendars, tasks, e-mail and custom data.

    • Allows any wired or wireless connection, such as infrared, Ethernet and analog or wireless modems.

  • Management

    • Manages data and applications on mobile devices with backup/restore, installation, configuration and reporting capabilities.

    • Allows remotely server management with Microsoft Management Console.

  • Security

    • Ensures secure data transfer with encryption.

    • Users authenticate against Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or internal user lists.

Business Environment:

Solution Components
The solution consists of the following components:

  1. Any vendor’s Handheld, including Palm, EPOC or Windows Powered Pocket, Palm-size or Handheld PC devices (product name, and vendor URL to product description

  2. Extended Systems XTNDConnect Server (Application Package)

  3. Windows NT or Windows 2000 server (Application Server)

  4. Wired or Wireless connection to the server such as cable, infrared, Ethernet, analog or wireless modem

Devices Supported

  • Palm
  • EPOC
  • Windows Powered Pocket, Palm-size and Handheld PC devices.

Wireless Networks Supported (if applicable)

  • CDPD

  • CDMA

  • GSM

Major Customers Using the Solution

  • British Airways—uses XTNDConnect Server to synchronize mobile devices to Lotus Domino and has capabilities to manage the devices in the field.

  • Reuters Ltd.

  • Orange

  • One2One

Rule of Thumb Costs & Benefits

  • Easy access to corporate data—allows executives and other mobile professionals to access timely and accurate data thus being able to make better decisions and organize their appointments, contacts, e-mail from the road.

  • Improved customer service—field service workers are able to collect and input data onto handheld computers and automatically transfer the information to a corporate data store

White Paper

Extended Systems' has published a white paper entitled "Developing an IT Strategy for Mobile Devices". To download it, click here.

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