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NowSpeed Email Portal Solution


Solution Sponsored by:
161 Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA 
Tel: 508- 879-2700

Email: sales@nowspeed.com

Solution Description
NowSpeed’s Mobile Email Portal™, is a comprehensive email solution that delivers complete enterprise email, including attachments, to virtually any wireless device including WAP phones, Palm Pilots, pagers and even touch tone telephones. NowSpeed's Mobile Email Portal gives mobile professionals personalized, secure mobile access to their corporate email. It automatically synchronizes email across all mobile devices, eliminating duplication of effort.

NowSpeed delivers email to more devices (Voice, WAP, Palm, Pocket PC, HTML, Pagers) from more email servers (Exchange, Notes, I-planet) with more features (Notification, Attachments) than anyone else in the market today. NowSpeed offers this solution as an ASP service or as technology installable behind a corporation’s firewall. This combination of powerful technology features and a flexible delivery model makes the NowSpeed offering a easy to implement solution for any company with mobile workers.

NowSpeed’s Enterprise Edition Mobile Email Portal service features:

  • Enterprise Email Server Compatibility: Corporate-quality email including attachments, support for Lotus Notes™, MS Exchange™, NetScape iPlanetTM, IMAP4 and POP3 mail systems
  • Security: Completely secure solution protects users from unauthorized email access.
  • Synchronization: Automatically synchronizes email messages across all devices and eliminates duplication of effort.
  • Personalization: Personalized notification of specified new email on pager or SMS-enabled mobile phones
  • Rapid Download: By removing extraneous header information and converting attachments to text, NowSpeed dramatically increases the download speed of email to the mobile device

NowSpeed Email-By-Voice’s capabilities include in addition to the above:

  • Advanced text-to-speech functionality: Natural voice and rhythm make it easy to listen to messages
  • Voice reply: Users can record a response which is emailed to sender
  • Listen to attachments: Support for most popular and useful file formats (Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat, etc.) lets users maximize use of voice email
  • Create reply drafts: Users can create a voice reply without sending it right away
  • Integrated with NowSpeed Mobile Email Portal: Integrated with NowSpeed’s device-independent email service to offer users a range of email access options

Business Environment:

Solution Components
The solution consists of the following components (especially for an application solution):

  1. Any vendor’s Handheld (PocketPC, Palm III, V and Palm VII, etc.)
  2. Complements RIM Blackberry with Text to Speech solution
  3. Any Vendors WAP phone
  4. Works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Netscape iPlanet mail servers
  5. Wireless LAN or WAN

Devices Supported

  • Any vendor’s Handheld (PocketPC, Palm III, V and Palm VII etc)
  • Complements RIM Blackberry with Text to Speech solution
  • Any Vendors WAP phone
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Netscape iPlanet mail servers
  • Wireless LAN or WAN

Wireless Networks Supported (if applicable)

  • GSM
  • HTML
  • TDMA
  • CDMA
  • CDPD
  • WAP
  • Web clipping
  • Touch tone phones

Rule of Thumb Costs & Benefits

  • Increases Performance and Productivity - Eliminates downtime
  • Productivity gains – Mobile employees no longer need to wait until they get home or to the office to send and receive email, they can be productive and responsive anywhere they have free time.
  • Compelling ROI – A mobile professional will increase their availability for sales, billing, consulting, prospecting etc. Being more responsive also means more competitive.
  • Secure Solution – As mobile devices infiltrate the corporate infrastructure NowSpeed provides a secure solution regardless of device. It allows IT to drive the problem without the problem driving them.
  • Rapid Implementation - NowSpeed can roll out to an entire enterprise or a single division whenever you are ready.
  • No Up-Front Investments – The Hosted model requires No Servers; Staff or Training or Application Integration.
  • Ongoing access to the NowSpeed Team - A team skilled in acquisition, implementation and ongoing support of wireless devices
  • Minimize technology risk and expense - As efficient, sensible and reliable new devices reach the market NowSpeed will integrate them.
  • Improves customer service and shortens response time - Notification and mobile access to email allows the user to respond at the Speed of Now.
  • Enhances employee satisfaction – Users have the best tools to do their jobs.
  • Lowers total hardware costs - Leverages existing mobile devices and technologies, eliminates the need for pagers.

Monthly service fees for the NowSpeed Hosted solution start at $8 per user per month to $24 for unlimited use of all services. One time start up fees or onsite hosting fees dependent on number of users and other user specific requirements.

For More Information: www.nowspeed.com



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