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ThinAir Server Platform

Solution Sponsored by: ThinAirApps
428 Broadway
New York City, New York
10013 USA
Tel: 212.343.5000
Toll-free: 888.609.THIN(8446)

Solution Description
Gives mobile professionals anytime, anywhere access to their enterprise messaging systems (email, contact lists, meetings, etc).

Features :

  • Secure, real-time access to your enterprise groupware from wireless devices
  • Read, delete, reply and forward email from all folders, public and private
  • View, accept, decline calendar events in a shared groupware server
  • View server-side contacts, and initiate email or phone call.
  • Manage tasks and to-dos

Business Environment

Solution Components :
The solution consists of the following components (especially for an application solution):

1. Any of the following devices

2. Any wireless Internet service

3. ThinAir Server

4. Wireless LAN or WAN

Devices Supported :

  • Two-way Pagers
  • Intelligent telephones
  • Palm OS - 3COM PalmPilot and Others
  • Windows CE HPCs - Palm Size
  • Windows CE HPCs - hand-held
  • PDAs

Wireless Networks Supported :

  • Motient
  • Bell South (Mobitex)
  • CDPD
  • GSM

Major Customers Using the Solution

  • The following enterprises have purchased ThinAir Server to give their mobile professionals access to their corporate groupware systems: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Vignette, the Portland Trail Blazers, Clear Channel, FDIC, National Institutes of Health, Houston Chronicle, and Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals. Go to sigma-tau Pharmaceutical Inc.case study - how it used ThinAirApps solution in their environment.
  • Several Wireless Application Service providers (W-ASPs), such as Mi8, Go America, Juno online Services use ThinAirApps server in their solutions to enduser organizations. Mobile Magic uses ThinAir SDK for custom solutions. 

Rule of Thumb Costs:

  • $1,000 per 10 user licenses with volume discounts over 50 users.

White Papers and PDF Resources :
1. ThinAir Server Functional Description with a Schematic 
2. White Paper.pdf - a good paper to read about messaging applications in wireless network setting

Vendor Product Page URL :

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