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Bluesocket's Home Page On MobileInfo.com


Bluesocket, Inc.
7 New England Executive Park 4th Floor
Burlington, MA 01803, USA
tel : 1.781.328.0888
fax : 1.781.328.0899

About Bluesocket
Bluesocket builds high performance, policy-based WLAN management solutions that have been selected and installed by hundreds of major institutions, corporations and public access providers worldwide deploying wireless local area networks for voice and data.

Bluesocket's Enterprise Wireless Gateways deliver standards-based network interoperability with a wide range of mobile devices within legacy network infrastructures. Bluesocket's products allow its customers to build secure, manageable, global WLAN deployments that support thousands of mobile workers simultaneously. 

Bluesocket Wireless Gateways are deployed in 25 countries worldwide. Hundreds of educational, corporate and government institutions, such as the London School of Economics, CareGroup Healthcare, Abbott Labs, Parker Hannifin, the office of the Prime Minister of Singapore, and the US Navy, have all "Bluesocketed" their WiFi wireless local area networks (WLANs) in order to make them more secure and better managed.

Designed to address the needs of High Data Density TM wireless networks, Bluesocket's systems uniquely deliver Secure Mobility TM through intelligent, centralized management architecture--to maximize the productivity benefits of a mobile enterprise, while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of WLANs and simplifying wireless access for users and network managers alike. 

With offices in Burlington, Mass., Silicon Valley (USA), London (UK) and the Asia/Pacific region, Bluesocket, Inc. is a privately held, global corporation managed by experienced executives from British Telecom, Cisco, Ericsson, GTE Internetworking, Intel, Nortel; other industry leaders. 

Products & Services Offered:
Bluesocket offers a range of interoperable Wireless Gateways for managing and securing WLANs. Each Gateway is designed to meet various user and organizational demands while supporting enterprise needs for Secure Mobility™---Bluesocket’s patent-pending technology that enables wireless users to maintain a secure connection as they move across subnets. 

  • WG-1100 SOE (Small Office Edition) : supports small offices and workgroups of 15 users; 
  • WG-1100 can support entire office floors of some 100 users (at 30 Mbps encrypted/100 Mbps unencrypted);
  • WG-2100: For large enterprises with higher throughput user/density needs, the WG-2000 offers hardware-based encryption acceleration, delivering encrypted-data performance up to 150 Mbps; and up to 300 Mbps for unencrypted traffic.
  • WGX-4000: For much large enterprises with up to 800 users with switching functions, such as VLAN trunking and traffic prioritization. It has eight 10/100 Ethernet ports, and a rated throughput of 800 Mbps for regular traffic and 400 Mbps encrypted traffic using IPSec. Like other units, it has Bluesocket-proprietary Quality of service (QoS) features.

The above gateways are 3rd generation gateways (in terms of software and hardware versions). Go to Bluesocket press releases for enhancements in third generation gateway products. 

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