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Technology Advances In The Mobile Computing
- eBook -

Early Business Applications of eBooks 

While there are endless possibilities of eBook application, vendors have found the following applications among early adopters.

1. Distribution Companies:  Update Data
To improve its circulation management system, The Arizona Republic daily newspaper will incorporate SoftBook Press document distribution solution into their computerized distribution system. The solution will comprises of SoftBook® Press’ content preparation tools, Internet-based distribution technologies, and SoftBook Readers™.  Over 200 SoftBook Reader will be deployed to route personnel.

Using SoftBook Readers with SoftBook-based thin client application, delivery staff will be able to download (via a phone line or office network) critical route information each night from The Arizona Republic CIRC 2000 Circulation system to update data, such as new customer information to vacation stops. In addition, accurate route information and directions enable route drivers to eliminate costly errors and missed deliveries.

For further information : http://www.softbook.com/enterprise/applications.asp

2. Financial Service Firms:  Decision-Making Processes
For financial services companies, an eBook system can support consistent decision-making processes. Presently, they rely on bulky binders, hard-to-read PC screens and CD-ROMs for the distribution of procedure manuals, research reports, propriety training manuals in order to support management decision processes.

The SoftBook® Press solution for document distribution is well suited to the financial industry.  It is faster, more secure (documents can not be easily copied and distributed to unauthorized parties) and more accessible for the dissemination of lengthy documents at a lower cost. It leverages existing work process for document creation and uses the existing corporate IT infrastructure. SoftBook has a complete end-to-end system of publishing tools, Internet-based document distribution and security technologies, and the Softbook Reader™ to streamline and automate information delivery.

Via a telephone line or office network, financial service employees can update investment reports, policy manuals, or confidential directives automatically, which reduces the risk of making critical and costly decisions based on outdated data.   The SoftBook system is also suited for employee training, via Softbook Reader. Proprietary training programs can be downloaded into SoftBook Reader, with its organization features such as hyperlinks, keyword search, highlighting and annotation that can help transfer knowledge and change behavior.

For further information : http://www.softbook.com/enterprise/applications.asp

3. Electronic Companies:  Operating Procedures
It is vital to the success of electronics industry to manage critical information. For example, current operating procedures for manufacturing and quality control represent an enormous corporate asset.  Enterprises must have effective processes in place to update and distribute documents to meet ISO 9000 requirements.  This typically involves thousands of pages of changing information that need to be distributed widely. Electronic books and dedicated document distribution systems are uniquely will suited to these applications by providing information in an accessible, management form, along with an effective update system that accommodates information from multiple sources.

The SoftBook® Press system leverages existing corporate work processes and networking. The solution comprises of content preparation tools to convert documents into eBook format; the network services for secure distribution of documents over the Internet or corporate IP network, and SoftBook Reader™ device. SoftBook Press has a variety of methods to distribute corporate documents, such as SoftBook Express™ that enables authorized content producers to push documents to multiple Softbook Readers. It will provide audit trails to ensure automatic documents are updated and receipt notification. With SoftBook Express, mobile workers can  connect their SoftBook Readers to the SoftBook network to receive the latest operating and service material.

SoftBook Reader’s built-in modem and Ethernet port makes it highly mobile and eliminates the need for a PC. This allows companies to extend their corporate network to the manufacturing plant floor and computer-less employees:  field personnel, operations and maintenance people or delivery drivers.

For further information : http://www.softbook.com/enterprise/applications.asp

4. The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries:  Management and Distribution
The medical and pharmaceutical industries have invested heavily in documenting processes and procedures to comply with government regulation.  To meet regulations, they require effective information management and distribution solutions.  The most common form of document handling and distribution is the three-ring binder or software applications to prepare and store length documents in electronic format. However, these methods are inefficient and costly in that updating tends to be periodic, the process is difficult to verify and  involves expensive printing and copying costs.

SoftBook® Press has developed a complete end-to-end system for electronic document distribution featuring the SoftBook Reader™, an eBook. The SoftBook system also comprises of two other components, publishing tools and network services for Internet-based document distribution. The system is designed to easily integrate into current operations by leveraging existing document creation processes and network infrastructure.

Key advantages

  • For large documents this system replaces three-ring binders and hard-to-read PC screens.

  • The system allows workers to update content on an as-needed basis in real-time. When Softbook Reader is connected to a phone line or office network, no PC is required, the eBook can automatically update itself.

  • The system provides an audit trail and confirmation that documents have been updated, which makes it easy to verify that documents are meeting current regulatory standards.

  • SoftBook Reader offers 100,000 page capacity, touch-screen links, annotations and key-word search.

For further information: http://www.softbook.com/enterprise/applications.asp  


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