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Wireless Networks

Wireless LAN Topics 

Multi Mode Access Points & Technologies

Since products compatible with several different wireless LAN standards are being introduced, there is a need for access points that can interface with multiple wireless LAN standard devices, especially 802.11b and 802.11g or 802.11b with Bluetooth. We are mentioning several of these products , as we hear of them.

  • LinkSys Access Point with Atheros chipset supporting 802.11b and 802.11a - Announced at Comdex in Las Vegas during November 2001.
  • ActionTec Electronics WLAN Access Point : Announced at Comdex 2001 - Product specification expected soon 
  • 802.11b/GPRS Access Point - coming soon
  • Compaq's MultiPort Snap-on Module - For Notebooks and iPAQ handhelds - announced and coming soon
  • Red-M's 1050 Access Point - Supports both Bluetooth & 802.11b Point
  • At chip level, Mobilian will release (by mid 2001) a TrueRadio chip set, ewhich will support both Bluetooth and 802.11b simultaneously. The company expects to demonstrate at Bluetooth conference in San Francisco in December 2001, a test bed demonstrating generation of both signals.
  • Bandspeed and Open Interface North America Inc. have announced a non-collaborative chip set that allows Bluetooth devices to co-exist with 802.11b wireless LAN technology. Product release is expected in mid 2002. This avoids potential interference between the two. See Bandspeed announcement.
  • Silicon Wave Inc. of San Diego - announced two modems - one for CDMA chip sets and one with GSM.
  • For software development kit, Extended Systems Inc. of Boise, Idaho announced XtndConnect Blue SDK 

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