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Wireless Networks

Virtual Private Networks For Mobile Computing & Remote Access Applications

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for Mobile Computing
The Internet is increasingly becoming the most common method of connecting remote users to corporate information servers. Since 1998, virtual private networks are getting lot of acceptance among network designers. The concept of VPN is based on using the Internet as a mechanism for connecting remote workers to an ISP and then through the Internet infrastructure to the corporate server. The wire-line connection of VPNs for mobile workers from fixed locations is relatively easy and available from many NSP's. However, for those remote workers who are truly mobile, there are three requirements for using VPNs:

  1. ensuring security requirements

  2. offering suitable capacity and quality of service that you must guarantee to your mobile users.

  3. allowing wireless connection to the Internet from remote workers

The first requirement is now fully recognized and is being met by VPN offerings of several vendors. As for the second requirement, ISPs are designing their Internet infrastructure through required number of T-1 type connections so that they can guarantee reasonable quality of performance to their customers.  As far as the third requirement is concerned, industry is breaking new ground now.  By true wireless connection to the Internet from remote users, we do not imply wireless connection from a fixed location but from a mobile location. We mean 3COM's Palm.net type of connection through VPNs. But Palm.Net uses Bell South's Mobitex network as a communications hub. This is a public shared network - not wireless VPN.

MicroLogic - Mobile Wireless VPN Service from Wireless Telecom
Wireless Telecom Inc., has started offering a VPN service to allow a mobile PC user to securely connect to enterprise networks through MicroLogic Network services. Currently, it connects to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook applications only. Micrologic WVPN agent software is $1495 - client service is $35 per user including air time for specified amount of wireless data traffic.

Books on VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
The following books provide good information on VPNs.

  • Building and Managing VPNs - Dave Kosiur published by Wiley - ISBN 0-471-29526-4.

  • Implementing Virtual Private Networks by Steven Brown - Osborne/McGraw-Hill

  • More VPN books on our Book Page

Go to www.bn.com or www.amazon.com for these books.

Wireless VPN Solutions
Certicom announced MovianVPN client software to allow VPNS to connect to wireless devices. Go to Certicom site for more information.

Columbitech, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden has released a wireless VPN solution (March 2001). See their product information here.

VPN Wireline Vendors 
A few of the wireline VPN vendors who have good information on their web site are:

Wireless VPN Customer Profiles/Case Studies

More VPN Resources 

  • VPN Labs - resource for info on Virtual Private Networks - how to select a vPN - an open community for researching, reviewing and discussing VPNs.

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