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Wireless Networks

Wireline PSTN, ISDN, ADSL and Cable Connections For Remote Access Applications

There are a number of ways of providing remote access solutions to mobile workers.  Here, we are talking of wireline networks, instead of wireless connections.  While you may not have the ubiquity of access that wireless networks provide, the price is right, coverage for fixed locations is great and access speeds are much higher..

PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
By far, the most popular and universal of remote connectivity to the Internet.   Current speed limit is at 56 Kbps with modems conforming to V.90 standard.

Generally available throughout North America in larger metropolitan areas, it gives you 2B (2 links of 128 Kbps) and one D link at 16 Kbps - hence the term 2B+D. This service is available under the basic rate of  ISDN. This allows applications, such as videoconferencing to become feasible and affordable.   For more details on ISDN, please refer to chapter 8 of the book mentioned further on this page.

ADSL is the new high speed method of connection that uses existing copper wires laid down by the telephone companies.  It is available in many pilot areas in North America, Canada and Europe. While ADSL may not be used for traditional mobile applications, it does offer an attractive choice for telecommuters and road warriors.

For  a primer on ADSL and additional information on ADSL from industry perspective, including availability of services in your area, go to ADSL Forum web site www.adsl,com. ADSL Forum maintains a very good site. MOBILEINFO recommends it. You may also refer to Chapter 8 of "Remote access Networks - PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Internet and Wireless", written by Chander Dhawan and published by McGraw-Hill.  Click on www.amazon.com for getting a copy of the book.

Cable Modem for Remote Access: For telecommuters and small businesses operating out of residential areas, cable modem is also an option for remote access to the Internet and to corporate Intranets. Of course, cable does not give mobility because it is available only in fixed locations.

This topic is described in detail in the following book " Remote Access Networks - PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Wireless and Internet" by Chander Dhawan and published by McGraw-Hill. 

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