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The MobileInfo.com Website Philosophy


MobileInfo.Com web site is a unique web site in so far as it addresses IT information needs from a logical flow of a typical mobile computing project that an end user organization must follow from conception to operation.  We would like to explain this logical flow as our graphic on the left hand side represents and how you can use our web site to guide you in all phases of project life cycle: 

Conceive the Need For a Mobile Computing Solution
First step that leads an organization to the investigation of a mobile computing solution is an awareness among senior business or technology executives that they must exploit these emerging technologies to gain a competitive advantage, improve information flow and improve customer service. CIOs or senior IT staff attend various industry conferences and come to this awareness.

At this stage, you may want to understand what is happening in your industry and how your competitors are using mobile computing technology. You can visit market outlook, market trend and application mall  pages for more information.


Having conceived the idea of using mobile computing and wireless technology, you must conceptualize your business processes under a new automated business process paradigm where every part of the organization is connected in a true ubiquitous fashion - anywhere, anytime. For this purpose, you must re-engineer your business processes. Various application profiles and case studies will enable you to do this. You must also develop a preliminary hardware and software component architecture.

You must determine your costs and benefits so that you can develop a business case.

Now you must start developing a design by selecting technology products and wireless networks that will move the information around from users to the corporate servers. You must determine which devices are suitable for the application - notebooks, PDAs, Palm OS devices, Pocket PC, or smart phones. 

Development & Implementation
After design, we must do the actual application development (or turn-key application package selection), vendor selection and oversee project management.

Even though mobile device cost is low, wireless network costs are high and the total cost of ownership for mobile devices is quite high ($2500 per annum, according to one estimate). Therefore, after you have developed and tested the application on the new infrastructure, you must worry about mobile systems and asset management.



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