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Mobile Computing Systems Integrator's Handbook
- Reader's Comments -

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Reader's Comments on "Mobile Computing – A Systems Integrator’s Handbook"
"Mr. Dhawan’s recent book "Mobile Computing - a Systems Integrator’s Handbook", published by McGraw-Hill is an excellent resource for those professionals who are responsible for designing solutions for mobile workers. He provides a comprehensive treatment of all of the components that systems integrators must glue together to create an end-to-end solution. Particularly interesting are his concepts of mobile-aware design and mobile computing architecture." - Veronica Williams, Industry Expert, Consultant, and Speaker on Mobile Computing subject

"...it appears to be one of the most useful and practical books that I have ever read." - -Gary Hebb, Director of Engineering, CAL Corporation

"Congratulations on your extensive yet very readable book, Mobile Computing. It’s at the same time an excellent tutorial and a superb reference manual." - - David Martenson, Project Manager, Pivotal Software

"I cannot express my gratitude for the guidance that your book has given myself, and my company. The book has been very helpful in further understanding wireless communications...Again, I cannot express my thanks enough for all of the work that you have done assembling the necessary information in an easy to understand format, with all the technical information in one place." - -David J. Cro, President & CEO, CROCOMM Corporation

"I’ve found it provocative and useful, particularly the methodologies and product and service inventories." - - James Rutledge, Manager, IBM Mobile Computing group

"The book contains comprehensive information on wireless networks, remote network access, mobile computing architecture, mobile devices, communications software, computer ergonomics, vendor product strategies, and specifications of major products." - Mobile Computing & Communications magazine

"The book is a very impressive work. There is a lot of useful material here....I have found it lucid and informative" - -Craig J. Mathias, Mobile Computing Expert, Farpoint Group

"We just want to congratulate you on your recent book on mobile computing. We really found the book just irresistible, and you have done a remarkable job in bringing together all relevant issues in this emergent area within the bounds of a single book. Kudos!" - Professors R. Ramesh & H.R. Rao, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY


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