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Mobile Computing Project Plan (and Business Case) Templates

We have designed a project plan that lists most of the tasks involved in a typical mobile application development project.  This project plan template runs under Microsoft Project 2000. 

We have also prepared a business case template (in Microsoft Excel) that can be modified to suit your own mobile computing business case.

About the Project Plan Template

We have developed a project plan template in MS Project for a typical mobile computing project.  This project plan lists over 200 tasks that may be involved in an end-to-end systems integration of an enterprise-wide mobile computing project. Developing a business plan and justification, developing an initial architecture, selecting the right mobile hardware, evaluating an appropriate wireless network, selecting the best systems integration partner, and technical integration with the backend legacy systems are listed in the right sequence. You can save a lot of time by using this as a base for your own projects.

About the Business Cases Template

The business case template assumes a field data collection application. The template shows five year capital and operating costs for various hardware components like notebooks, handheld devices, modems, application server, communications gateways, wireless data traffic service costs as well as application software customization. Against this cost, it estimates productivity improvements of mobile workers in the field. Sample hourly wages are assumed. Then, it summarizes cumulative five year costs and benefits.

You can change any of the cost and benefit numbers to suit the specific mobile application that you may have in mind.

How to Order the Templates?

Please note that there is a small charge ($50.00 US) for the two templates as a bundle . However, the cost is well worth the time it will save you. It will save you several days of work in figuring out how to build a business case and list all the tasks of a mobile computing project plan. 

You can pay for this through your card. Please note that Mobileinfo is a secure e-commerce site. Please click here to purchase the template bundle now.

Ordering and Fulfillment Process

After you have purchased the template online on our website and credit authorization transaction has been approved by your bank, an e-mail will be sent to you immediately confirming the sale. At the same time, an e-mail is sent to us as well. On receiving this e-mail, we shall send you the two templates as attachments by an e-mail. Normally, this process of your ordering the template and getting the template takes less than a few hours, except during the weekend. Should there be an undue delay, please send us an e-mail at mobileinfo1@mobileinfo.com.  Or you may also call us at 1-905-881-8537. If the lines are busy, please leave us a message.


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