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What Visitors To Our Website Say About MobileInfo.Com?

Here are a few unsolicited comments from those who have visited our website:

“I have been following your website over a long period, and notice that it is evolving into the best mobile information related website (should I start using portal already?”  - Angira Agrawal, RiverRun Software Group (Mobile Computing Specialists)

“Nice site. Amazing synergy!  We would like to offer our product comparison service to your visitors.”  – Paul Levin, ITInternet.Com

“I have visited your site, as of our editors, and we all love your work! “– Ken Berquist, VP, Business Development Tech.Target.com websites

“I’d like to do a briefing with you so we can write about you in Mobile Letter. ----- Your site looks really good”.  – Gerry Purdy, President & CEO, Mobile Insights.

Business related and marketing info is unique to this site” – David Tucker

“Hi Chander, Wow! I just had a look at your site, and things have really changed. Looks great! Pleasant look and easy navigation “– David Ammerman, www.20-20Consumer.com (now part of shopnow.com).

“I quickly looked at your website. Looks very good, full of very useful information. You've put a lot of time into that. – David Ferris, Publisher of Ferris Newsletter from San Francisco – one of the most respected analysts in Silicon Valley on Electronic Messaging

“Let me first congratulate you for the excellent site put up by you.  - Amit Bansal

“Dear Mr. Dhawan: - …. Excellent site, by the way” - Scott L. Weiss, Ph.D., Research Analyst, The Hurwitz Group – A Consulting Company

“We looked through your website. It is really outstanding! Yes, it is clearly a one-stop site where you can get all you want in mobile technologies.  – Prof. Rao of Buffalo University, Co-Chair of  Mobile Computing Conference in April 2000. "Next Generation Enterprises: Virtual Organizations and Pervasive / Mobile Technologies" 

“The organization and information content are pretty impressive.” - Ekram  Hossain , University of Victoria

“I just saw your MobileInfo web site. Congratulations - it looks comprehensive and thorough, and I plan to check it regularly.”– Tony Meadows – President, Bear River Software

“I really like the vast amount of information that you provide at your site.  I found it in the latest issue of Field Force Automation”. – Lind Electronics

“Mr. Dhawan, my company has charged me with completing an industry analysis of our American cellular providers.  ----- I have had a terribly difficult time finding any critical analysis of the various providers.  All I seem to find is fluff, subjective without any "meat". - John Rozelle

“This is a great service you're providing. I hope it proves successful and profitable for you.” - -Mike Geary, Editor, Open Directory Listing

"Your web site is very well designed. I had no trouble finding what I was looking for and it was visually pleasing...considering I am a person of the web and look at a great deal of sites that is a good compliment" – Olivia Chadha

"I would like to commend you on an excellent Web site. I cruise a lot of different "mobile computing" sites and your information is very comprehensive and serves the IT and developer markets very well." - Katie Moser, Product Manager, Extended Systems

"This is a great e-news letter.  It's especially good for all things wireless and mobile.  Make certain you sign up for this one.  It will surely stimulate your thinking for new and exciting topic ideas" – Marc Regberg

"I did have an opportunity to check out your site subsequent to the TiE meeting --- I am impressed." - Suneet S. Tuli, CEO, Widecom and Internet & Wireless Entrepreneur

"MobileInfo's web site has been a great source of information on mobile computing trends, case studies, links and research. I have been leveraging the site for the past year, and will continue to refer partners and clients to it as it validates our market and work in mobile data solutions." Joelle Patten, Director of Business Development, Blue Caribou

It is very complete.  We don't have to go anywhere else to find the info in the industry --- from vendors to protocols.  It is a very good site.  It is actually my home page - Pascal Demers, Federal Government

"Provides very useful information." - Ana Neves, Consultant, Unisys

"keep up the great job with your site,, very informative and easy access allows for one to surf the links and stories you provide." – Visitor

"Whether one has been in the wireless business 10 years or 10 minutes Mobileinfo.com provides easy to access information as well as a comprehensive overview of products and services available in this ever-changing technological era.  Great job people!" - Kim Rogers, Sales Rep - Texas

"Your site is just fantastic! We have been able to learn a lot just by browsing your pages." - Michel La Bianca (Germany – 2001)

"I am a subscriber to your magazine and have found a lot of the information very helpful in our consulting implementations....This is a very informative site." Sunita (Feb -2001)

"I'm writing for two reasons. First, to tell you what a powerhouse site you have! I love it. I'm new to the wireless industry and am out there searching and learning and your site is one of the best. thank you. " - TJ McCue

"I found your web site referenced in FFA magazine. Your site is everything FFA says it is, comprehensive, user friendly and very informative. In our effort to plan and implement a wireless mobile system, I expect to visit your site quite frequently. I look forward to reviewing the 200 task project plan."JGreim

Do you have a comment - tell us through an e-mail at mobileinfo1@mobileinfo.com

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