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Case Studies

Transportation Industry - Courier Companies 

UPS, FedEx, RPS and many other courier companies have implemented mobile solutions. In all these cases, information is captured in "near real-time" on the status of the parcels and documents as these are picked up, trans-shipped, or delivered. By the end of 2000, many large courier companies implemented some sort of automated data collection application for parcel pickup. Smaller companies have started implementing PDA-based solutions - see GOD case study. Now these companies have started evaluating full wireless network support.

1. See UPS Case Study as a "best practices" case study.

2. Canada Post Uses Handheld Computers to Confirm Deliveries
Over a period of five years, Canada Post will have Symbol Technologies install 200 wireless LAN systems with more than 10,000 handheld terminals to improve the speed, reliability and value of information on package delivery.


  • Symbol PDT 7500 Portable Data Terminal
  • Operating Temperatures from –13˚ to 122˚F (-25˚ to 60˚C)
  • Industry Standard for dust and water sealing
  • Color-coded keys for data entry
  • 1/8 VGA screen, 240 x 160 pixel resolution, controllable backlight
  • Microsoft MS-DOS v. 6.22, Microsoft Windows CE v. 2.11
  • Reverse grip and hand support for signature capture feature, for proof of delivery
  • SE 2200, SE 1200 high performance long range high density scan engines
  • Two-way wireless communication
  • Symbol Spectrum24® wireless data LAN
  • A 2Mbps data rate solution for business-critical voice and data applications
  • An open architecture supports the IEEE 802.11 airwave standard
  • Ideal for demand environments, such as transportation, logistics, and distribution

Previously, Canada Post was using a color-coded system, which involved the use of sticky labels, for delivery confirmation. Using Symbol’s logistics solution, Canada Post is looking to enhance reliability and speed at which information is scanned and collected. The terminal’s signature capture feature will provide proof of pick-up delivery as well as track or trace goods, parcels and packages, to simplify customer service.

The information presented here is based on material from www.symbol.com.

3. US Postal Service - During 2000, US Postal Service started implementing a very large (over 50,000 devices) project for parcel pickup application. 

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4. Fedex uses mobile computing applications extensively. Like UPS, they collect information in real time mode about the status of each parcel or document that is shipped by using their service. Their latest pilot during early 2001 was in using wearable computers in the plain to monitor maintenance and service activity by technicians.


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