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Case Studies

Financial Industry - Banking

The following applications are noteworthy:

  • In mid 1990s, Merrill Lynch equipped 25,000 sales representatives with high-powered notebooks and a financial-planning application.

  • In 1999, Bank of Montreal in conjunction with 724 Solutions and Bell Mobility implemented a pilot wireless banking application called Veev that allows consumers to do banking transactions through handheld devices including smart phones from anywhere.

  • In early 2000, Harris Bank of Chicago, a subsidiary of Bank of Montreal was the first American bank to  test a similar application. Bank of America is planning a pilot as well. 

  • Barclays of UK has tried wireless banking as well in 1999.

  • EDS has implemented a banking/brokering application on PalmVII on Palm.Net.

  • USC Federal Credit Union has started allowing its customers to use wireless devices to pay bills. San Diego-based SensCom, a wireless ASP will provide the services.

  • w-Technologies - A comprehensive set of wireless applications for the enterprise.

Financial Industry - Stock Brokerage

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