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Mobile Computing & Wireless Hot Topics

Wireless Routers (also called Intelligent Mobile Gateways, by some vendors)

The term "Wireless Router" refers to essentially two classes of network routers. The first category refers to the wireless routers such as inexpensive wireless connectivity boxes from vendors like Link-sys , D-Link  or Netgear. These routers enable different wireless devices like desktops with USB-type wireless adapter, laptops and even handheld devices with a corresponding wireless adapter to get connected in a local area network. These can, then, be connected to the Internet through a cable or high-speed DSL connection. A similar kind of wireless router is used in wireless hot spot configurations.

The second category of wireless router refers to more advanced class of wireless routers - a new type of router in the Wireless IP world that is in design or early prototype stage (as of November 2002) of some wireless network infrastructure companies - sort of next-generation equivalent to today’s Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN) or GPRS Gateway Support Nodes (GGSN) or wireless-enabled Cisco switch/router, but with greater routing, security, class of service management, billing, and subscriber management capabilities.

Megisto Mobile Services Delivery System

Graphic - Courtesy of Megisto website

Potential Size of the Market  

Unstrung estimates this market to be around $ 2.5 to 4 billion US.

Vendors in This Product Segment

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