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NEWS FLASH 2000 - 01

(Issued in January  2000)


Dec 27,  1999 - Go2 Gives Web Power to Mobile Phones (courtesy Internet Week)   
>>>> more info

December 13, 1999 Puma Technology Teams with Sterling Commerce’s Managed Systems Division (MSD) to Provide Enterprise Management Tool For All Popular Handheld Platforms
>>>> more info

November 16, 1999 - RIM’s Agreement with Leading Law Firm To Supply Blackberry Wireless Email Solution  
>>>> more info


December 14, 1999 What’s the Standard for the Wireless Web
>>>> more info

December 13, 1999 WAP-on-a-SIM offers new service on old phones
>>>> more info

December 9, 1999 DataLink.net to Develop Wireless Solutions for Linux Systems
>>>> more info

December 1, 1999 IBM, Sprint to jointly develop wireless data services
>>>> more info


December 15, 1999 Palm IPO Plan Boosts Platform Support: Partners from IBM and Motorola to Nokia and Handspring plan Palm extensions
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