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(Updated on December 30, 1999)



December 30 – Harris Bank Tests  a Wireless Internet Banking with Mobile Phones

Harris Bank today announced the first market trial of Harris Wireless, a new service that will give customers completely portable, secure and easy access to financial, investment and information services on mobile phones.  Harris Bank is the first U.S. bank to launch wireless phone access to banking and investment services. Harris Bank’s parent Bank of Montreal conducted similar trials in Canada earlier in mid 1999.

The 90-day market trial of Harris Wireless will enable 100 Harris Bank customers and employees in the Chicago area to gain access to vital banking, investment and information content via PCS digital, mobile phones.  The service will soon expand to provide access through other popular portable devices such as Palm PDAs.

Application software is provided by 724 Solutions – A Toronto-based wireless systems integrator. Harris Wireless service will enable market trial participants to:

  • Access account balances and transaction details

  • Transfer funds between Harris accounts

  • Order checks

  • View personalized investment portfolios

  • Request stock and index quotes

  • Create and receive stock alerts

  • Check news, weather and horoscopes

News courtesy of PRNewswire and Globe Technology of Toronto - For more information, go to:

MobileInfo Advisory: Banks and financial institutions are  eager to allow customers to access their services through handheld devices including smart phones. Bank of Montreal was the first in North America. Banks in UK are also ahead of American banks who are catching up fast. Bank of America is also piloting. The race is on. But remember these are pilots and consumer trials. The industry is still working on security issues. For more on security issues in financial industry, go to wireless security page.

Note: This news release contains forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.

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