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(Updated on January 5, 2000)



January 5 -- U.S. Wireless Unveils the RoadShare Partnership Program for Intelligent Transportation Systems

U.S. Wireless Corporation, a provider of wireless location information, introduced the RoadShare partnership to deliver location-enhanced traffic and traveler information.

 The RoadShare partnership program will allow developers of Intelligent Transportation Systems and other related services to design leading edge localized traffic and traveler services, using the U.S. Wireless location network.  This location network provides real-time estimates of traffic velocity and congestion without the need for inroad sensors, aircraft or video cameras.  It also enables a variety of intelligent transportation services including live traffic monitoring, location-enhanced traveler updates, and the best route information. 

 This program will capitalize on the market for Intelligent Transportation Systems products and services estimated to be $9 million with an expected growth of 20%. 

 For more information, go to http://www.uswcorp.com/USWCMainPages/PressRel/pr49.htm  

MobileInfo Advisory and Comments : We are delighted that US Wireless has decided to implement an infrastructure for our congested highways so that application developers and content providers can create applications to both ease. the frustration as well as aid in reducing the congestion by suggesting alternate routes. Let us make traffic reports come on demand and on specialty channels on your smart phones. Let us also hope that transport authorities in state and provincial governments do not spend our tax dollars on private fiber or private wireless networks  - they did spend hundreds of millions of dollars in late 80s and early 90s - MobileInfo Editor.

Note: This news release contains forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.

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