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- Pocket PC 2002 
(Updated in October 2001)-

Please note that Pocket PC 2002 is an operating system from Microsoft. It was announced in mid 2001. Several hardware manufacturers have announced handheld products conforming to this OS.  Several third party developers have announced support for it. 

Pocket PC 2002 Hardware Products 

  • Audiovox Maestro Pocket PC - Ability to connect with wireless phone,  Slim design with more expansion capability,  Unique accessories,  Two built-in expansion slots
  • Casio E-200 - Three expansion slots (SD memory card + CF Type II + PC card),  USB host capability,  64 MB RAM, Detachable battery in PC card unit
  • Compaq iPAQ H3760 / H3765 - • iPAQ Task Manager,  iPresenter Power Point Converter,  XcelleNet device management client
  • Intermec 700 Series Model 710 - • Integrated radio and scanning options,  Rugged design for harsh environments,  Numeric keypad,  Application auto-setup and configuration,  Remote device management
  • iPAQ H3860 / H3835 -  iPAQ Task Manager, • IBM ViaVoice command and control,  Jeode Java Virtual Machine,  XcelleNet device management client,  Virtual Game Gear Game Pack
  • HP Jornada 560 - Removable, rechargeable battery, 8 MB of FLASH ROM storage, PC card adapter with MMC/SD slot , HP Jornada Pocket Keyboard, HP Jornada battery with MMC/SD slot
  • NEC MobilePro P300- Aimed at the enterprise, it has integrated CompactFlash Type II (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) expansion slots. It weighs 7 oz., includes 206 MHz Intel StrongARM 32-bit processor with 64 MB of memory (32 MB RAM and 32 MB SD memory card) and features a 3.8 inch TFT color display. NEC offers one year of UltraCare service. Introductory price in November 2001 was $599. For more, go here.
  • Symbol PPT 2800 - Temperature tolerance from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit/-20 to 50 degrees Celsius, Rugged to withstand multiple 4-foot drops, Sealed against rain and dust, Integrated laser barcode scanner, Integrated WLAN/WAN radio options
  • Symbol PDT 8100 - Temperature tolerance from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit/-20 to 50 degrees Celsius, Rugged to withstand multiple 4-foot drops, Sealed against rain and dust, Integrated laser barcode scanner, Integrated WLAN/WAN radio options
  • Toshiba e570 - Two built-in expansion slots (CF-II and SD), Small and lightweight, Vivid 64K color display,  High fidelity stereo output, Optional colored side panels

Pocket PC 2002 Software Functionality (Microsoft Code named Merlin)

Microsoft announced Pocket PC 2002 with several enhancements to its earlier version of Pocket PC operating system.  These enhancements were directed at increasing its role in the enterprise. Notable among these enhancements were:

  • Terminal Services client
  • Strong password support
  • VPN client
  • StrongARM processor hardware base with flash ROM
  • Transcriber( (handwriting recognition application) and Block Recognizer (mimics Palm's Graffiti input utility) aimed at Palm enthusiasts who may be ready to switch to a more powerful handheld PC.

Pocket PC Individual Productivity Applications

Applications for the Windows Powered Pocket PC feature a familiar interface and consistent functionality, so they’re easy to learn and use right away. Pocket versions of popular Microsoft applications let you easily update and share the same data and documents that you have on your desktop PC.

Third Party Software Support

Microsoft is expected to get significant support from third parties and application developers.  Here is a sample list at the introduction time:

  • My Doc Online - wireless services for Pocket PC s that allows document management and file sharing, expanded file storage, and fax capability
  • iConverse - "Maxwell' technology allows users to continue to do limited functionality in offline mode while you are not connected while roaming or not under wireless network coverage
  • Changepoint - Wireless client based on XML - wireless connectivity and remote synchronization of data 
  • Veratium's MOTIVUS Server - allows access to Microsoft Access and other corporate DBMS
  • British mmO2's support of Pocket PC 2002 devices - on GSM and GPRS networks

Vertical Industry Customer Applications

It is expected that enterprise customers will find Pocket PC 2002 especially attractive because of the familiar Windows interface and power of hardware platform to handle more complex tasks as compared to PalmOS and proprietary smart phone platforms. The following early example of a custom application attests to that: 

  • Bechtel Corporation plans to use Pocket PC 2002 devices for a pilot for delivering survey data, maps and engineering specifications to job sites. 

Pocket PC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Go to Microsoft site to get answers to questions about Pocket PC sales, security, wireless connectivity, and more. 

Microsoft Sponsored White Papers with Pocket PC Implementations

  • Index on Microsoft site
  • Mobile Healthcare Enterprise Solutions with the Pocket PC Oct 2001 -Find out what some healthcare organizations are doing to take their practice into the next millennium. The Pocket PC may be a key to the evolution of safer and more efficient health care. 
  • Mobilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - May 2001 -- Read how organizations can improve customer service with mobile CRM solutions that use Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs. CRM solutions that take advantage of Windows Powered mobile devices include Siebel Handheld from Siebel Systems, mySAP Workplace from SAP AG, and Pivotal Anywhere from Pivotal.
  • Mobilizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - May 2001 -- Learn how mobile ERP solutions that use Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs can shorten supply chain cycles, improve ERP data, and speed information flow. With solutions such as J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld Xe offerings and SAP AG’s mySAP Workplace, mobile workers can access important business information using their Pocket PCs. 
  • Handheld PC 2000 in the Enterprise
    November 2000 -- Read multiple user scenarios and applications for general guidance where Handheld PCs fit best. 

Pocket PC Case Studies : Go to Microsoft site for vertical industry solutions using Pocket PC

Pocket PC versus Palm 

  • Pocket PC is generally more powerful, more complex and also more expensive as compared to Palm.  Power PC devices have more memory, better screen resolution and superior processor support. However, with PalmOS 5.0 becoming available, the gap will decrease significantly because it will support Intel's Arm processor line. In general, for more complex enterprise applications that required a notebook in the past, you may seriously consider Pocket PC.
  • PalmOS is gnerally cheaper than Pocket PC devices.
  • It should be noted that there are software solutions comparable to Pocket PC functions described above.
Pocket PC Palm OS Third Party Solutions
Terminal services client Palm VNC available from www.harakan.co.uk/PalmVNC/ndex.htm
Password support PDA defense standard - also offers encryption - go to www.pdadefense.com
VPN Support Certicom's Movian VPN supports Palm OS as well as Pocket PC

Source of info on the above table - ZDNet - Ziffdavis website

Microsoft .Net versus Sun's Java Comparison for Mobile Applications

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