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Orchid Systems
Field Service Solution

Solution Sponsored by: Orchid Systems Inc.
103 Old Colony Road
Wellesley, Massachusetts
02481 USA
Tel: 781.431.7466 Fax: 781.431.7013


Solution Description
Field Service extends your business systems to the point of contact. Field Service by Orchid provides dispatching, maintenance history, inspection results and handling of labor and materials. Field Service is fully integrated with your existing call center, accounting, inventory and maintenance order management systems.


  • Dispatch
  • History
  • Inspection Results
  • Labor and materials handling
  • Acknowledgements

Solution Components
The solution consists of the following components:

  1. Orchid Field Service Management
  2. Integration with existing back office systems
  3. End user device and network services from a network provider

Devices Supported
Various Internet appliances including desktop browsers and wireless devices including smartphones from Motorola and Nokia, palmtop browsers (Palm, CE, Symbian, etc.) and two-way pagers from Motorola and RIM.

Wireless Networks Supported
Various wireless data networks including AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Verizon, etc.

Major Customers Using the Solution
Service employees including New York City Department of Buildings inspectors perform realtime inquiries from the field and publish results immediately.

Rule-of-Thumb Costs & Benefits
Benefits: Improved customer service and higher productivity
Costs: Less than $300 monthly per field employee

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