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NowSpeed Home Page On MobileInfo.com


Solution Sponsored by:
161 Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA 
Tel: 508- 879-2700
Email: sales@nowspeed.com

About NowSpeed
NowSpeed is a wireless application services and solutions provider (W-ASP) of business information solutions to the corporate mobile workforce. Our mission is to provide mobile access to business-critical applications, empowering mobile professionals to be more responsive and productive anytime, anywhere.

NowSpeed leverages existing corporate investments in wireless technology by utilizing a variety of wireless devices such as text pagers, cell phones, Web-enabled phones and PDAs in their wireless-based solutions.
Products & Services Offered:
NowSpeed’s Mobile Email Portal™, is a comprehensive email solution that delivers complete enterprise email, including attachments, to virtually any wireless device including WAP phones, Palm Pilots, pagers and even touch tone telephones. NowSpeed's Mobile Email Portal gives mobile professionals personalized, secure mobile access to their corporate email. It automatically synchronizes email across all mobile devices, eliminating duplication of effort.

NowSpeed delivers email to more devices (Voice, WAP, Palm, Pocket PC, HTML, Pagers) from more email servers (Exchange, Notes, I-planet) with more features (Notification, Attachments) than anyone else in the market today. NowSpeed offers this solution as an ASP service or as technology installable behind a corporation’s firewall. This combination of powerful technology features and a flexible delivery model makes the NowSpeed offering an easy-to-implement solution for any company with mobile workers.

Role of NowSpeed in Enterprise Architecture :

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Description of NowSpeed Handheld Product for Enterprise Implementation in our Product Catalog 

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NowSpeed White Paper
Request a free copy of NowSpeed White Paper to implement wireless messaging solutions on ASP model. For details, go to: www.NowSpeed.com/expert_advice.htm

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